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  1. Bluesprinter

    Running in the 90s, zenki love index=1 fast update NSW time attack results - 1:08.9990 on street tyres LOL JUST into the 1:08 but sadly i didn't have a video of that lap. i really wanted a mid 8 second as its still too close to 9 second...
  2. Bluesprinter

    4AGE Swaps! Nooby info Requested!

    the question is, do YOU like it or not and what are your reasons why you do or don't. i can give you all the pros and cons of the car and it wouldn't make any difference to your own judgement. oh and just dont do what your planning on doing, its not worth your time and money
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    If its at the end half of the year, i might have a AE86 i could bring along =p
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    Running in the 90s, zenki love

    wow.. so since last post RPF1 17x9.5 +17 Cusco 1.5 LSD Nismo copy sideskirts Hybrid HDI GT2 FMIC kit Gizzmo MS-IBC MSIBC v3 EBC will be entering NSW time attack challenge this year at Wakefield Park (in late June) so as you can probably tell, im chasing a little more power to be a little more...
  5. Bluesprinter

    E bay Bonnet

    LOL..funny i just bought side skirts off them too for my s14.. as always, needs a bit of work to make it fit flush, one sideskirt had a crack assuming its from the postage and delivery guys, and found a minor crack stress mark also due to an air pocket in the fibre glass, its not warped or...
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    2 door vs 3 door roof front end compatibility

    im not too sure which part you are talking about but ill say this, from the furthest point of the door towards the rear, the back end of the car is different, anything from the door forward to the engine should be the same.
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    The Daily Spam Thread - Talkin' sh*t since 2010

    jdmst is ONLY good for trolling.. not sure why i haven't been banned yet, maybe being related to one of the forum police is helping me on that part hahaha. the amount of immatureness from that 'car scene' gives me a head ache.. but i love the troll and it just keeps feeding me.
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    you must be a die hard AE86 fan to want to spend 27k on a car that you wont get much back from besides the "cool" status. If thats what your into then thats ok too. but for that money i would possibly look into an early lotus exige.. it is the most likely affordable super car an average person...
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    The Daily Spam Thread - Talkin' sh*t since 2010

    my old car, defiantly has seen better days under my ownership, i feel very sorry for this car. Currently 16 defects and up for sale LOL!
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    Phuoc's EL machino

    pretty sure its because your car is TOO low and that 20v with no bottom end power doesn't help you get out of corners too, it does sort of just sits there doing nothing during mid corners, and them *massive* semis isn't helping with your setup at the moment lol
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    Running in the 90s, zenki love

    quick summary of the latest Wakefiled on Monday, fucked up the transmission, couldn't select gears on the gearbox - thoughts was i had welded my clutch onto the flywheel, trailed it home from the track. now all fixed with as shown below to be honsest Very dissapointed i didnt weld the clutch...
  12. Bluesprinter

    What's your favorite body kit for the AE86?

    N2 kit.. life is to short to have small body kits
  13. Bluesprinter

    Adjustable 4 link / pan hard / traction bracket

    ^ yup pretty much you can measure pinion angel first then install and make sure its the same angel after if your really paranoid
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    Running in the 90s, zenki love

    Just tuned my car to be 300kmph! lol trollz I have the stock white background version that came with the car and i've never really liked it to be honest (looked too Ladbrosexspecstyle), I'd rather the stock black background one but stumbled upon these and it was way too cool not to buy. these...
  15. Bluesprinter

    GrpA update

    spec list status " god like"
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    Running in the 90s, zenki love

    so got everything done, fronts, rears, full alignment by the shops to my specs ( roughly ) Front Caster; +8 deg Camber; -2.1? Toe; total 2 toe out Rears Camber; - 2 Toe; total 2 toe in In general it turns in well as expected, under heavy brakes or acceleration the rear end is super stable and...
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    Running in the 90s, zenki love

    Roughly about two thousand Garth. Mates rate
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    Running in the 90s, zenki love

    Coming close to the end of Stage 1 with my car, I got busy over the weekend. I installed the rears only so far, to do the front would require a wheel alignment straight away to be safely drivable and by the time i had finished the rears no wheel alignment shops would be open, so the front...
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    The Daily Spam Thread - Talkin' sh*t since 2010

    body shape in appearance is similar to ZN6/BRZ