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  1. stuartgze

    Fuel tank sydney

    Has any one got a spare fuel tank. Adm is fine. Pm your number if you have one. Cheers Stuart
  2. stuartgze

    Konig Rewind 15X7 0 offset. just a pair.

    I'm getting the car engineered so my 8s are to wide. Send me a pm. i'm in Sydney.
  3. stuartgze

    What's going on. (MUST READ)

    Hi everybody I was just wondering what has been going on with everyone. Things seem a bit quiet on the forums and with the anual coming up. I just wanted to know who is going and what car your bringing, your propper name and a few specs on your car. Chuck a pic up if you can be bothered. I'll...
  4. stuartgze

    HKS oil pressure up kit

    has anyone used one before. more oil pressure can't hurt and there $85 to my door. I might test one out
  5. stuartgze

    where in oz do you buy work wheels

    Looking into some work wheels but have no idea where to start.
  6. stuartgze

    rack spacer and rims

    AJPS rack spacer $50 long champs 15" pair $700
  7. stuartgze

    Interior fan

    Interior fan located around Sydney. Southern Sydney if possible.
  8. stuartgze

    ADM Grill

    in Sydney or posted to Sydney.
  9. stuartgze

    Shell Sydney $500

    Adm shell with no front lights, no front 1/4's, no bonnet and no front suspension. Does have a rusted out hatch and rust in the lower rear 1/4s. I'll post pics if anyone is interested. $500 Ono I can supply it with front suspension for another $750. Low springs and vt commodore brakes...
  10. stuartgze

    RWD water pump help

    I have a ae92 gze which i'm converting to gte. My alternator is on the passnger side and I'm going to change it to the drivers side with a RWD alternator bracket. My question is do i need to change to a RWD water pump also and if i do is it as simple and buying a RWD water pump or do i need...
  11. stuartgze

    Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, Arizona,

    put that into google earth. all i can say is its about time someone had a garage sale.
  12. stuartgze

    Got Dash now with contact info

    A friend of mine is opening up a trimming business an can retrim your dash for much less dash buying a black JDM one. here are a few pics All other trimming work is available too. The business is based in the sutherland shire area. Contact Simon on 0414803084 and he should be...
  13. stuartgze

    half cut with out motor

    levin or trueno
  14. stuartgze


    some pics of cars at my work the other day hope you enjoy
  15. stuartgze

    death to the coupe

    found this but you might have seen it before. still pretty funny stuff
  16. stuartgze

    cusco 30mm RCA $110

    sutherland shire. can post i think. fitted to car for 30 seconds but removed cause they mate my control hit my como brakes
  17. stuartgze

    zenki drum axels

    sydney somewhere
  18. stuartgze

    AE 92 AFM

    in sydney would be nice.
  19. stuartgze

    running rich

    put a box in my car last night but now it's running rich for some reason engine is a ae92 afm gze can anyone tell me which coolant temp sensor is the one for the ecu. i think i may have knocked it and disturbed it. i found some corrosion on the pins and plug of the green sensor.
  20. stuartgze


    t50 in good nick