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  1. Bluesprinter

    WTB - AE86 Power steering rack bushes

    Helping a family member replace their power steering rack bushes in their JDM trueno, obviously with power steering as factory lol WTB - AE86 Power steering rack bushes Must be brand new been a while since ive been around these cars and cannot recall anyone that sells these off the...
  2. Bluesprinter

    NSW/SYD 16v 4age bigport ITB setup, $700

  3. Bluesprinter

    Running in the 90s, zenki love

    So i sold my AE86 off, it got to a point where the car was ready for more power, which means ITBs and an epic NA build which is easy 10k dropped into an engine, it would of went hard for a little 1.6L, sounded boss, barely street legal in noise, emissions and looks and still a Honda would pretty...
  4. Bluesprinter

    SYD EOI - ADM AE86, cash or trade.

    Hello guys EOI here, will sell or trade if requirements are meet. Didn't think i would do this ever so soon but things change so i need to also. Please note if this does not sell then it does not sell and i wont be fussed cause then it'll just be mine to enjoy for longer. 1983 AE86 Toyota...
  5. Bluesprinter

    185/60/14 brand new tyres for skids

    185/60/14 brand new tyres for skids cheap stuff to pass rego or for skids All brand new, never been fitted on any rims. Have about 5 pairs ( 10 tyres ) $50 each tyre pick up or meet up if close enough to my area ( Liverpool ) PM if interested, Thanks
  6. Bluesprinter

    WTB - AE86 Origin fender flares +35mm

    want to buy - AE86 Origin fender flares +35mm They are the bolt on flares for the rears. genuine is better but good copies are welcome, used or brand new, as long as its NOT damaged!!! Can pick up if located within Sydney area or a little north or south (newcastle - wollongong) otherwise will...
  7. Bluesprinter

    Bilstein coilover - come have your say

    So im most likely going with Bilstein this time ive sent a PM to AJPS about his package and whatever info he can provide, thought i'll start a discussion about my plan with this too to help me get more info i guess. So im thinking of going 10kg front and 8kg rear, Yes because race car in a...
  8. Bluesprinter

    Adjustable 4 link / pan hard / traction bracket

    ive been trolling on google for what is "best setup" for a car with 4-link rear end and it can get pretty technical for the average joe to understand. Plus the information is not directed towards a car like a AE86, most are based on hotrods and drag cars. So ive been playing around with my car...
  9. Bluesprinter

    HR stickers

    Hello Garth and others that may know, where can i get the extra LARGE HR sticker that i can rock on my bonnet?..My plan of keeping the car under the radar and stealthy isn't going the way i had planned it so im thinking might as well go for the " because race car" theme and this sticker will...
  10. Bluesprinter

    From AE86DC - Drift Fest 01, Raleigh int Raceway

    Hey guys just putting this out there in case some of you here are not on DC forum and blah blah but if your keen to drift your car, click the link below its basically an open private drift day so dont think its only for the forum members of be honest i dont really care as im only...
  11. Bluesprinter

    Vacuum lines for ITBs

    is it possible to just use air lines with T piece joints etc; to rig it all up so it all connects and points air to the correct location? such as brake booster and MAP sensor.. i think thats the only 2 things that require air right?.. do i need to calculate air volume? or will the above idea be...
  12. Bluesprinter

    how to use Apexi SAFC

    so silly me i forgot my car came with a Apexi SAFC, this type model anyone with experience playing with this SAFC?
  13. Bluesprinter

    WTB silvertop 20v 4age itb OEM setup

    As above, can pick up if in Sydney or close enough will pay for postage if price is fair
  14. Bluesprinter

    ITB Adapter - pictures, what do you think?

    this one goes out to you tech people i got my eyes on a set of different adopter that's for sale and never seen this kind of design before..will this act the same as having longer stacks as appose to the T3+ST20v itb+long stacks setup? will it act like having stock 20v stacks as they also have...
  15. Bluesprinter

    AE86 or ZN6/FT86/BZR/the new affordable toyota rwd sport car

    I know everyone is thinking it, but i'll say it I have to make it a bit tricky so it'll be a more specific response What would you rather prefer to have A brand new AE86 Stock from factory/your current AE86/Wish list AE86 or The brand new ZN6/FT86/BZR/the new affordable toyota rwd sport car...
  16. Bluesprinter

    EOI Wakefield speed off the streets 26th July

    Hey all me and a work mate of mine is most likely (90%) hitting this Wakefield organised day. Wakefield speed off the streets 26th July, check out their calendar here like i said, im 90% going pending on the car does not stuff up before the date like...
  17. Bluesprinter

    4age diagnosis

    Long story short, I have a 4age zenki loom with 3 yellow plug, one is the diagnostic box/plug to get engine codes from But i dont know which one it is one has 1 hole Other has 2 holes on same plug Last is the big one with 4 holes on the same plug So which one is the correct plug and...
  18. Bluesprinter

    Trade 14' longchamp for 15' of interest

    Just giving this a go Up for Trade with cash adjustment my way or yours to break even SSR Longchamps, has been refurbished at some point, looks great and very good condition, minor gutter rashes i think? i dont pay much attention to detail with these 14x7 + 1-2 or something 14x7.5 - 0-3 or...
  19. Bluesprinter

    Forum time

    Just noticed, I think the forum time is 12hours behind Post my build thread today at 11am but it shows as I posted it up yesterday 11pm Just a heads up to look into
  20. Bluesprinter

    Richard's Hermit Crab AE86

    Bored at work and with the new Forum layout, thought i'll start a diary thread here So i bought this Coupe from South Australia, epic drive back to Sydney i should say, would do it again if i could and due to it not being complied in NSW, and people telling me all different things on how to...