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  1. ryebred_06

    WTB: Silvertop Coil Pack

    Hey, Chasing a silvertop coil pack, Contact: 0412052575 cheers,
  2. ryebred_06

    JDM Ae86 Calipers

    Hey, After JDM Ae86 Calipers. cheers,
  3. ryebred_06

    Handbrake cables

    hey, installed a t series but have issues with the handbrake. Are the ADM cables longer? should i find jdm cables? cheers
  4. ryebred_06

    T Series Diff Leaking

    hey lads, yet to put this in but noticed that the left side is leaking. could it just be a seal problem? and can i just get the replacements from toyota/cbc? cheers
  5. ryebred_06

    TRD 2 way rebuild kits?

    Anyone know of where I can find a TRD 2 way rebuild kit? Looked on but no luck. Cheers Cheers
  6. ryebred_06

    [ACT] Toyota 86 - ZN6 Single Exhaust System

    Price - $800.00 **ONLY 3 months old. Paid 1200. Still in good condition.*** Good for a street or track use. Single exhaust system for sale. 2 1/2" Custom made exhaust system with centre resonator and rear sports muffler. Straight bolt in system and performance increase. Loud but not...
  7. ryebred_06

    WTB: T Series with discs and LSD

    Hey, Chasing a T Series with LSD and discs. Cheers,
  8. ryebred_06

    Standard Liberty B4 BBS's

    Hey, Anybody tried to fit standard BBS's from a liberty B4 on a ZN6? Cheers
  9. ryebred_06

    Traction Control :S

    Hey, My TCS keeps coming on when i turn it off..and say drop the clutch. i break for a moment then it automatically comes on. is that normal?
  10. ryebred_06

    Ae86 Festival...

    anybody from CBR keen on going to the 86 festival? be cool to get a crew together... cheers
  11. ryebred_06

    Slotted rotors issues

    hey Bought some slotted rotors for the front - Tried to put them in but it wouldnt fit inside the standard calipers... wasnt aware i needed to upgrade the calipers too... does anybody know if it can fit with modification or what i need in order to use the slotted rotors? cheers
  12. ryebred_06

    Bonnet Hinges

    After some bonnet hinges - mine are bent and tried to straighten them out but cant get it sitting right. Cheers
  13. ryebred_06

    Toyota Formuling steering wheel horn

    Hey, after a formuling steering wheel horn. Mine is busted and i dont want to get rid of the wheel, just replace the horn..seems to be common problem from people on toymods. So if anyone has any info that would much appreciated. Cheers
  14. ryebred_06

    Installing 4age 20v Silvertop Toda Cam gears

    Hi, Just wondering if anybody has any experience in installing toda cam gears on a silvertop with standard cams? I have put them in but not 100% sure on the settings. And will get it tuned so dont worry. Just want to get the car running for the tuner... cheers
  15. ryebred_06

    4age 20v tuners

    Any body know of any 4age 20v tuners? in CBR ive got some issues with my car n want to send it to someone whos knows about 4As. Cheers
  16. ryebred_06

    4age 20v Silvertop Issues

    Hey Peeps, 4AGE 20V Silvertop issues at 4,000rpm New sparkplugs NGK Laser Platnum (BKR6EP-8) and installed Tomei FPR running on 44psi. Has anyone had the same issue with their motor, we are fitting new spark plug leads, but does anyone know exactly whats causing this jitter at 4,000rpm...
  17. ryebred_06

    WTB Window wiper motor

    hey just after a window wiper motor..or if anyone knows any others vehicles which would be suffice. cheers Ryan 0412052575
  18. ryebred_06

    [WTD] Levin front left headlight, indicator and bumper bar.

    After a left head light, left indicator and front bumper bar.... just recently had a crash need those parts to be on the road again.. Ryan 0412052575 Sms or Pm is fine.. cheers
  19. ryebred_06

    Front left Headlight

    hey just wondering if anyone has a front left headlight? im in canberra. cheers Ryan
  20. ryebred_06

    WANTED: Front left headlight

    just asking for a front left headlight, mines cracked and i wont pass rego. im in canberra. Cheers Ryan