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    One random shot of your car!

    Hi Adam. I haven't driven the car much yet as it's still not registered,but the setup feels good so far. Pedal is a little longer than I like with the 15/16" S14 master cylinder,but the feel is quite good and progressive which is nice. It's only got the std PBR pads in it atm,but I have a...
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    AE86 Parts Available

    You have a Pm, Eircamae86. Regards, Justin.
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    Nissan Parts Available

    HKS Oil Cooler & Intercooler Kits,and a pair of Cusco Toe Control Arms Added. Regards, Justin.
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    Nissan Parts Available

    Nismo Injectors have been sold. S13 Brake Discs and Lower Control Arms have been added. Super Pro Bushes are also available. Please contact us for quotes on these. Regards, Justin.
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    Cleaning silver watanabes

    Export degreaser and a soft brush followed by hosing with a pressure washer does wonders for getting baked on brake dust off of wheels for me. Regards, Justin.
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    One random shot of your car!

    They look quite nice,and would probably fit in,but cost a bit more than the PBR's did and use motorsport specific pads. The PBR's use a standard falcon/corvette/commodore pad,which I can get myself at wholesale pricing with an hour's notice if need be. I also already had two and a half sets...
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    AE86 Parts Available

    GPC Steering Rack Boots are now available. We have items in stock to suit AE86 & AE71 with either Manual or Power Steering racks at $9.50 each,plus shipping. Please contact us for a quote on boots to suit other models. We also have a GATES Racing Timing Belt in stock to suit 4AG(Z)E 16V...
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    One random shot of your car!

    Paul, 4 pot callipers wouldn't fit under the 15" SSR mesh wheels we have for the car AND clear the suspension. Several options were tried and we couldn't get a setup worked out that we were happy with. Discs that sat inboard enough to clear the wheel fouled the LCA,others that cleared...
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    Front Bumper Gap, Adjustment Possible?

    It's an 80's car,don't expect panel gaps like on new cars. If where the bar attaches to the guard and where it runs past the inducatior is straight,there's not much you can do about the gap under the lights. Filing and shimming the brackets would reduce it some,but it'll never be like...
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    Nissan Parts Available

    Nismo Skyline engine mount set has been sold. Other items added. Regards, Justin.
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    Wheels Available

    SSR Reverse mesh pair have been sold. Regards, justin.
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    One random shot of your car!

    Front Brakes. Regards, Justin.
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    Wheels Available

    SSR Reverse Mesh 15x7" +0 Pair added. Regards, Justin.
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    indicator issues

    The originals are single filiament,21W Tail light bulbs. If you swap to LEDs,get ones that are suitable for CANBUS cars,as they'll have an inbuilt resistor that will put the correct load on the circuit and keep the flashing rate normal. Regards, Justin.
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    Moving Back To Japan

    All good reasons. Best of luck with it mate. Regards, Justin.
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    Adjustable 4 link / pan hard / traction bracket

    No,the bracket should bolt over the top of the original brackets,and the tube spacers will go in-between. Regards, Justin.
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    Wheels Available

    Rays 57 Motorsports G07WT New wheel set sold. Regards, Justin.
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    The Daily Spam Thread - Talkin' sh*t since 2010

    Found this pure car porn clip this morning on youtube and had to share it. It's one section taken from the 'Levin & Trueno File' DVD,which came with a book on the cars out of Japan. The DVD covers most models from the TE27 (this clip) up to the AE111's. The two TE27's in this clip are in...
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    86/BRZ Car Club Track Day This Sunday

    Would love to come down,but it is a bit short notice I'm afraid. Maybe next time! Justin.