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  1. Jacob

    Help me make a decision! Buying another hachi!

    After an S14, an NA6 and an NB8A, I'm sick of all the bullshit - I want another hachi :) My criteria is as follows: Must be clean. Absolutely must be clean. Not perfect, but not a rust bucket. Owner must be open to a reasonable price. AE86's - as much as I love them - are not worth...
  2. Jacob

    All my ae86 questions in one

    Okay so I'm back on the 'sell the 86' train of thought but I'm still dying to build my perfect Hachi. As far as I'm aware, nothing beats them as a good fun daily. Eh that IMO I've got my heart set on turboing my 20v silvertop and putting some more focus on my suspension and brakes. The...
  3. Jacob

    Fuel cap question

    Odd request but could someone please upload a picture of their fuel cap? Just curious what people have because the rubber on mine is damaged atm
  4. Jacob

    Turbo or Supercharger?

    I get my full license in about 9 hours and I'm trying to toss up with what direction I want to take. Keeping in mind that my car is a bit of a semi-streetable drift hack, which would be better? 4AGE ST running a T25 turbo on low boost (would most like rebuild 4AGZE
  5. Jacob

    Anyone else using an adaptronic?

    Is anyone else here using an Adaptronic to fuel their 20v setups? If so, can you please post your setup, rough power output, whether or not you have VVT and how you're going with fuel? I need some reference points so I can make my own assessments on how this projects coming along so far...
  6. Jacob

    Recognize these seats?

    Randomly stumbled across this pic, and I'm wondering if these seats are from a Sprinter? Edit: The car
  7. Jacob

    [NSW] White 4AGE ST20v ADM AE86 $6k firm

    Location: Old Toongabbie, NSW Price before Feb 26: $6000 FIRM Price after March 1st: $9000 ONO[/i] Prefer not to trade, but if you have a good quality 180, R32 or RX7 S4/5 then feel free to post your offer. Contact: Forum PM (I get instant notification) Note: The car is currently running like...
  8. Jacob

    Decent Radiator?

    I need a radiator and I can't justify $700 on an OEM replacement. I don't have $600 to spend on a Kyong so I need something temporary on the cheap to get the car going (car's booked in for a tune on the 26th Feb) Would this be alright to run for a few months...
  9. Jacob

    Hot Version; 86 vs AE86
  10. Jacob

    Adaptronic + 20v 4age + fuel pump no worky

    This section might as well be renamed "Elusives Engine & Electrical Technical Enquiries" Details; Adaptronic e420d ECU running Anthonys loom+map 4AGE 20v silvertop AE86 levin (adm, ex-host to a 4ac) Okay, so I have my 20v wired up as it should be. I have been instructed to use the green/red...
  11. Jacob

    Fuel in oil... possible?

    Smelt my oil and there is a very distinct fuel scent to it... Is this possible? :\
  12. Jacob

    We heard you like insane fuel systems

  13. Jacob

    Help identifying these wires?

    Hey, found a couple of wires bundled up and hidden with my factory alternator wires... any idea what they're for? Black with orange dots: And a thick red wire with extra insulation
  14. Jacob

    Old threads not showing in FS section?

    Just noticed a thread not displaying in the FS forum; How come I cant find it from the thread listing, but it's still indexed/accessible via Google?
  15. Jacob

    Help running fuel lines? (lots of pics)

    I've got a large pipe coming from the fuel filter (big silver cylinder in the engine bay) which needs to go to the "FUEL IN" pipe for the intake thingo, and I have a smaller pipe which I've determined is the fuel feed (judging by threads scattered over the internet). Some pics [ALBUM] I'm...
  16. Jacob

    Starter motor; where's the wire?

    I can't seem to find any info on the starter motor :/ I just need to know how to hook it up? One to a 12v constant and one to a 'signal' I'm assuming Does the signal come out of the body loom? Is it black/orange?
  17. Jacob

    Alternator wiring

    Edit: if you got here because you're researching for your future build, take a note from this thread: And completely avoid the shit the previous owner did to my car. .... Back to the thread: I was a bit heavy handed removing the AE101 loom from...
  18. Jacob

    Fuel Pump Relay / Cooling Fan relay trigger / Tacho signal Questions

    Might as well condense into one thread Currently running the AE101 OEM ECU with a Silvertop 4AGE. I just got my Adaptronic package from Kaizen and I need a little guidance with wiring all those wires... yes... all six of them. The wires I have to wire up are: I have no idea where the fuel...
  19. Jacob

    Rust query

    Hey boys I've got some surface rust on the old girl, and I'm just wondering what I should do to stop it getting worst? I'll post up some pics up tomorrow to show you what I mean. Should I sand it back or something?
  20. Jacob

    EOI: ADM 86 w/ Silvertop (incomplete "project")

    Just an expression of interest: My aussie AE86 with a silvertop. I'm only selling because I badly need a car that I can rely on; my current "daily" isn't practical for a number of reasons (cv's on it's way out, drivers door doesn't open, no radio, etc). If I had a daily that worked, I'd be...