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  1. slpery86

    Brissy cruise

    Theres an 86 cruise happening Sunday 2nd November, AE86 only, pm for details :)
  2. slpery86

    pic request - jblood trueno

    Anyone have some pics in their archives of trueno with full jblood? Guards, kit, wing etc.. cheers!
  3. slpery86

    1987 Toyota Trueno GT-Apex - Black Limited

    Pics of car soon as poss though its quite the disappointment at the moment, Orange/Bronze Limited! Had word today the ship has set SAIL! Should be here early December! Feel free to throw up auctions, pics, info, anything black limited related!
  4. slpery86

    Panda paint

    Hey guys, wondering if I'm right on this.. I want to know if gt-apex came only in panda paint I have owned a panda gt-v and seen full coloured, have seen a panda ae85 and full coloured but I've only ever seen gt-apex in panda.. Has anyone ever seen a full coloured gt-apex?
  5. slpery86

    ae86 bits - parting sale

    parts not available til early next week, but thought id chuck it up now to gauge interest.. put on here first, if no interest will chuck on dc at a later stage bits i will have for sale are whitelines inc centrepiece - $300 kouki headlights, parklights, foglights - $650 white levin bonnet, so...
  6. slpery86

    Another `what are my cars worth` thread

    yeah, how longs a piece of string right.. anyway, feel like i wanna leave australia after the summer rush has passed, so need to decide if i sell my cars or send them home, even if im not returning home, havent decided my next destination yet anyway, first one one lady owner 86 ADM no...
  7. slpery86

    trying to find my trueno

    long story short, car missing in nz, panelbeater moved to bris now, cops wont do shit, can anyone get someones address from a mobile number? cheers
  8. slpery86

    old dvd!

    hey guys, many years ago in nz i saw an australian dvd which had a feature on a group of ae86s.. the one i remember most was a yellow one, an asian guy owned it and i remember 'its aussie spec but everything has been converted to jap spec', everything was yellow, even the grille does anyone...
  9. slpery86

    2 pairs SSR Mesh

    hi guys, 2 pairs ssr mesh for sale first is black centred 14x7, offset not sure, maybe +2? 185/60 legal tread.. old style one piece wheel, 400 ono second are 3 piece formula mesh, 15x7.5 -8, 185s, not legal tread, 800 ono gold coast, 0401667809, rob will do deal for both...
  10. slpery86

    Robs 1984 Toyota Trueno GT-Apex Build

    hi guys! been a lurker for a few years, am from nz.. did post a bit of a build thread at some point anyway, moved to brissy 6 months ago, and in terms of quality of life, aus ftw.. ive had many 85/86s over the years, and a couple of nissans.. rather than copy paste everything, they...
  11. slpery86

    gt-apex, gt-v, krs13

    hey guys! i posted up aaaages ago about my cars, a few things have happened since then, but not as much as i would have liked :P im sure a couple people will remember them.. since i havent been able to drive them for so long its good to post up one of these, nostalgic anyway, im rob, 24...