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  1. Big T

    [NSW] KE70 with the works

  2. Big T

    Oil temp sensor not enough room between oil filter and power steering/AC

    Run a remote filter housing and put the sensors in the remote section. There is an Allen key grub screw in the side of the oil pump that is useful for oil temp. You need a 3/8 bsp to 1/8 bsp reducer for your defi sensor. May need to grind the ps bracket slightly to get it to fit. Don't recommend...
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    [NSW] KE70 with the works

    Hey all, I actually never thought this would be for sale and that this would be the last daily I ever bought. Apparently not the case :( Long story short, I had a genuine ae86 imported notchback which was written off. Having 2 young kids, I figured the logical thing was to transfer everything...
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    Locked to lsd centre

    It'll fit fine. You may have to shave 5mm from an axle with the trd centre. You'll know if it needs to be done if your bearings aren't getting all the way home in the housing.
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    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    Feck just dummy fit everything up then. Just loop the lines so they disappear somewhere behind the engine.
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    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    E85 will definitely get you through. I managed to pass the emissions level above the one I needed with an e85 tune. And that was even with a microleb.
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    Formula atlantic cam covers... Are these the late COP type or early lead type?
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    Cusco camber tops and bride passenger rail

    Lemmie think about it... no. At least make the offers reasonable people.
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    Cusco camber tops and bride passenger rail

    Send offers on camber tops. Tired of looking at them on my bench!
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    [NSW] FS diff upgrade. Volvo 240 diff.

    Hey all. I have a spare diff here for sale. It's a Volvo 244 diff perfect for an ae86/ke70/ta22/ra23 conversion. Was originally for another project that never eventuated. It has not been re-bracketed yet but I can give you contacts for the people that do it. 1400 wide so you can fit wider...
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    Best Gasket/Seal Kit

    Check US ebay. The postage kills you but it still ends up cheaper in the end. I bought 2 sets just to make it worthwhile with the post only costing $10 for the 2nd set. That said, agree with Youngy. Nothing beats a genuine seal kit from Toyota.
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    4 link adjustable rear fs

    Hey all. Have for sale a set of 4 link adjustable rear end. T3 brand. Am looking at going with equal length rear so these are surplus to my needs. They have had about 5000km of use so are in excellent condition. All rose joints have zero play and has all the necessary spacers for each rose...
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    Cusco camber tops and bride passenger rail

    Hey all, Have a pair of cusco cambertops for sale. They are used but in good condition. Came out of my car back in 2005 and sat on the shelf since. Figured someone should get some use out of them. Also have genuine Bride side mount fg superseat rails for passenger seat. Have all the brackets...
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    Wtb: brown rear 3 point seatbelts

    Dang. Maybe someone else will turn up with browns. The ae86 is a zenki levin gt apex coupe so it has the brown interior which I actually don't mind. My other 86 already has black so a change is nice. I'll wait around and see if another set turns up. Thanks for looking.
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    Phuoc's EL machino

    In regards to the brakes "locking up". Do you mean that this happens with too much/too little pedal pressure? Or are the fronts locking too quickly in comparison to the rears? These will be totally separate issues. I'd suggest designing your own rear brake setup using smaller piston 4 pots or...
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    Wtb: brown rear 3 point seatbelts

    Sweet. I'm not in a desperate rush for then as I've got blue ones already in ready for compliance but I'd like to match the brown fronts eventually. Let me know if they turn up.
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    Wtb: brown rear 3 point seatbelts

    Hey all. Am chasing a pair of rear ae86 seatbelts in brown. Need to be the 3 point retractable type, not the static lap sash. Must be in working order. Let me know if you have some lying around. Eddie.
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    CW&P upgrade

    Nope. The only thing you could try is nitriding the gears but that only increases surface hardness, not sheer strength
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    to wrap or not to wrap......

    They can be formed but needs to be treated almost like sheet metal. Hammer and dolly it into shape.