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  1. Youngy

    Anyone know this car If that link works. Anyone know this car?
  2. Youngy

    2017 - already...

    Are we having an annual this year?
  3. Youngy

    to wrap or not to wrap......

    Hi, Ok there is a lot of opinions on this from what I can tell already. But I am having heat issues in the engine bay from the headers which are already ceramically coated. I'll say that the ceramic coating is not the best and I'm not sure who actually did it. So should I wrap those coated...
  4. Youngy

    stamped bit of metal for centre console

    Hi, I am after the stamped bit of steel that bolts down to the back two bolts of the handbrake level and then allows for the two rear self taper screws that holds the back of the centre console to screw into something. I know - odd part. But if you have one floating around!
  5. Youngy

    Gearbox rebuilder

    Hello all, Anyone know a good gearbox re-builder? Don't necessarily have to be working in some silly shop that actually does not know shit. Just need to be a fussy gearbox gun builder!
  6. Youngy

    Toyota Australia - la la land

    Hi Guys, I have not bought any OEM parts locally for quite some time now. But due to a little side project I am working on and was planning on finishing soon I thought instead of waiting for some more parts I would get the part here and just go for it. So I filled in the parts enquiry form...
  7. Youngy

    custom tubing for air-con?

    Hi Guys and Girls, Does anyone know of an automotive air conditioning shop that could make custom air conditioning tubing from the compressor to the condenser and from the drier to the evaporator? Why would I want that? Well I am using a Toyota compressor and an aftermarket drier, evaporator...
  8. Youngy

    wait till this catches on giant skateboard wheels for your car anyone.............
  9. Youngy

    how awesome is this
  10. Youngy

    crank trigger wheels

    Hi, Does anyone know of a good place to get a crank trigger wheel fitted to the backside of the crankshaft pulley? I'm in need of someone who can do this so I can drop the dizzy. Thanks
  11. Youngy

    Carbon bonnet with drop vent

    Hi all, Don't have any pictures on me right now. But I am selling my Carbon bonnet with drop vent. It has never been used and is still in the box I got it in. very similar to this one The underside ribbing is FRP I believe and the bonnet has a normal latch in place. quite happy to take...
  12. Youngy

    fuel system fabrication - who in Sydney or Newcastle

    Hi, Does anyone know of a good fabricator who could build me a fuel system for a little side project I am working on. I basically need a custom surge tank built to be mounted in a an odd place - fuel pump mount and the lines etc. And probably some other little things I have forgotten...
  13. Youngy

    hatch\roof seal - not what you think

    Hi, I am after the rubber seal that seals the LHD hole (unused in a RHD car) where the wiring and water line for the rear washer would go in a LHD car. It is in the roof line just next to the upper hinges for the hatch. Cheers
  14. Youngy

    fuel injector rebuilds

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a good place to get fuel injectors rebuilt and balanced? New seals and all that sort of thing. Not just cleaning..... :wink: Thanks
  15. Youngy

    front bars - opinions please

    Hi, I am about to start the final work on my AE86 which is the body and paint - yep outside last. I want to get another front bar - that is, not a factory bar - single piece with built in spoiler etc. What is good? Has to look good without side skirts or rear spats etc. I won't be...
  16. Youngy

    we're not revenue raising....

    Hi, I saw this in the paper today: * an extra 137 million a year in NSW in fines * booking people for 4km\h over * 6 motorists a second can be booked But they still stick to the safety line even...
  17. Youngy

    time attack in May 2010

    Could not find a post else where about this, so hoprfully this is not a re-post. Just wondering if anyone is thinking of heading to this event? Cheers
  18. Youngy

    weld up your diff - hilarious

    I got this emailed to me by some mates at work! so good!
  19. Youngy

    Placement of surge tank

    Hi all, Just wondering what people thought in relation to the best place to put a surge tank in an AE86 keeping these in mind: a) can't be inside the cabin area or in a sealed box in the cabin area b) must retain the spare wheel well c) avoid being in the engine bay if possible Makes...
  20. Youngy

    JDM EFI fuel tank

    Hi, Long shot I know. But if anyone would like to sell me a JDM EFI fuel tank please let me know. Thanks