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  1. Big T

    [NSW] KE70 with the works

    Hey all, I actually never thought this would be for sale and that this would be the last daily I ever bought. Apparently not the case :( Long story short, I had a genuine ae86 imported notchback which was written off. Having 2 young kids, I figured the logical thing was to transfer everything...
  2. Big T

    [NSW] FS diff upgrade. Volvo 240 diff.

    Hey all. I have a spare diff here for sale. It's a Volvo 244 diff perfect for an ae86/ke70/ta22/ra23 conversion. Was originally for another project that never eventuated. It has not been re-bracketed yet but I can give you contacts for the people that do it. 1400 wide so you can fit wider...
  3. Big T

    4 link adjustable rear fs

    Hey all. Have for sale a set of 4 link adjustable rear end. T3 brand. Am looking at going with equal length rear so these are surplus to my needs. They have had about 5000km of use so are in excellent condition. All rose joints have zero play and has all the necessary spacers for each rose...
  4. Big T

    Cusco camber tops and bride passenger rail

    Hey all, Have a pair of cusco cambertops for sale. They are used but in good condition. Came out of my car back in 2005 and sat on the shelf since. Figured someone should get some use out of them. Also have genuine Bride side mount fg superseat rails for passenger seat. Have all the brackets...
  5. Big T

    Wtb: brown rear 3 point seatbelts

    Hey all. Am chasing a pair of rear ae86 seatbelts in brown. Need to be the 3 point retractable type, not the static lap sash. Must be in working order. Let me know if you have some lying around. Eddie.
  6. Big T

    WTB: Relatively stock JDM ae86

    Hey all. Am on the lookout for a relatively stock ae86 to use as a daily. Currently have a 1997 Nissan Stagea that I would be prepared to trade + cash adjustment either way depending on the car. Must have: working AC, rear seats, full interior, NO cage, NO structural rust Preferences: 16v...
  7. Big T

    4age bigport rwd aluminium intake manifold

    Hi all, Cleaning bits and pieces out of the garage and have a rwd bigport aluminium intake manifold with an 80mm throttle body. It has bell mouth intake runners on the inside for maximum flow. Also has a variety of threaded vacuum ports. Pics attached. Asking for $550 plus post...
  8. Big T

    Part number help required

    Hey all, I'm in need of some part numbers if someone has a working EPC. My computer shat itself so my copy is MIA. I need: 1. Zenki Trueno headlight eyelids (left and right) 2. Kouki Trueno front grill. Help would be much appreciated. We've finally re-started work on my car and need...
  9. Big T

    DEFI DSSC: Who can get one of these???

    As titled. It's been a toss up between a Stack 8130 cluster or the Defi Super Sports Cluster. It's been a little difficult trying to order the Stack with the requirements i need so i was looking for an alternative and came across this...
  10. Big T

    Rear Kouki Bumper Brackets

    As topic states. Needed ASAP to finally get the car outta the paint shop!! Cheers.
  11. Big T

    Needed: 15 or 16" shitter rims to borrow

    Hey guys, I just need a set of 15 or preferably 16" shitter rims to send my car off to the paint shop... i dont want to get my new rims dirtied up while they're there. Looking for anything between +15ish and 35ish offset. Would prefer just to borrow them for a couple 6 packs of beer and...
  12. Big T

    Letterbox Grill (SOLD!)

    Hey all, I've got a brand new letterbox grill i was saving for the next project but that wont be happening for a long long while. I figure i can grab another one when the time comes so this one's up for sale. $260 + post or pickup in Sydney welcome. Pic:
  13. Big T

    Anyone know of someone who can flare guards in Sydney?

    As the title says. I know there's a few guys in Victoria that do this sort of work but ive been unable to find someone in Sydney. I know of a person who can lip/roll the guards in Sydney but im unsure if this will be enough for the rims i have. I'll need to take some proper measurements when i...
  14. Big T

    Bride Brix with rails

    Hey all, I've got a Bride Brix for sale with genuine Bride rails for it. They're to suit the passenger side. Asking $650 firm as it's in excellent condition. Pics: Located in Sydney. Pickup only unless you organise your own postage/freight. Cheers.
  15. Big T

    RCAs (SOLD)

    For sale: RCAs Condition: Brand new Price and price conditions: $160 incl express post. Note: prices are firm.. it cost me this much to have them made. Extra Info: 40mm thick custom made RCAs... i have 2 sets left over from the group buy. Made to the exact base of the strut with...
  16. Big T

    Techo Toy Tuning Traction Brackets

    Hey guys, Having a little problem with the traction brackets ive got. My diff is a converted F-series with all the bracketry swap done professionally but they must be a tiny bit out as the T3 traction brackets dont want to go in. Does anyone have pics of these setup on their diff? I know...
  17. Big T

    Looking for a stand-alone Odometer...

    As above... anyone know where i can find one??? Preferably digital and as small as possible. I've been searching for AGES and cant find anything at all. Cheers. Eddie.
  18. Big T

    EOI for group buy on RCAs

    Hey all, Not sure how interested everyone would be but seeing as i have to design a custom pair of RCAs for my car, i figured someone else would need a pair as well. Here's the design... They'll be CNC machined, 40mm thick and made from T6 6061 Aluminium. They follow the exact base...
  19. Big T

    Tokico HTS 102 Users

    Hey guys, I managed to source myself a new set from Japan :) BUT, the manual is obviously in Japanese. Does anyone have an online english version by any chance? I'd just like to know the little details. I've heard you should always set the shocks to full hard and then gradually work your...
  20. Big T

    Eddie's Turbo Trueno

    Well i figure i should get started on this... you'll have to excuse the lack of recent pictures as both car's dont live at my house anymore. I originally bought a Trueno Coupe back in September 04 from Melbourne with the plan to take it track drifting. But, work decided to bitch me and i...