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  1. evil86

    YOKOHAMA Buy 3 Get 1 FREE

    YOKOHAMA is having a Buy 3 Get 1 FREE I've enquired and for the AD08R in 205/50/R15, They're $190 fitted and balance from Wetherill Park Tyres and More. Ends up being $570 for 3 tyres and you get last one free. Sale ends 31/06/2014. I'm not doing any form of advertising, its a pretty good deal...
  2. evil86

    Wide Open Throttle - Wakefield Private Trackday

    Wide Open Throttle - Wakefield Private Trackday. If you've never been nows the time.. date: 2nd of JUNE, MONDAY track: wakefield cost: $235 no sessions, no groups. open pit lane from 9am-4pm, no bullshit all racing. I'll be collecting payments, PM me for payment details. LIMITED SPOTS...
  3. evil86

    NiteParts 4AGE to J160

    Hey guys, I stumbled across this just now and thought I'd share it for those who haven't seen it. Can only wonder that a 6 speed will be like behind a 4age.
  4. evil86

    wtb : S SERIES DIFF and tail light rubber gasket

    hey guys, im after a complete s series diff for a non rolling shell and tail light rubber gasket for standard/ white line tail lights. I'm not too sure if they can be purchased new but worth posting up anyways
  5. evil86

    HachiRoku Annual 2012 Falcon Bomber

    HachiRoku 2012 was amazing needless to say but there was only one hick up. We've been trolled by an imposter falcon thinking its an 86. Its abit like Where's Wally but in this case Wally is very noticable. So let post up a collection of photos to see what the picture count is....
  6. evil86

    wtb : Ps knuckle or shorter cut n shut knuckles

    Hey guys Im after ps knuckle or shorter cut n shut knuckles to finish of my front end suspension. Im location in Sydney but willing to pay for postage. Please post what you have and what your after for them.
  7. evil86

    A/c bracket question

    hey guys/girls. I've got a quick question for all the guys running a/c, I'm currently running a ST 20v and wish to running a/c as per factory. I've got factory jdm 16v air compressor and bracket but upon installation of the bracket, there is a gap between the block and the bracket where one of...
  8. evil86

    Are you a troll. What forums are you on.

    hey guys, many of us are forum freaks. Just want a show of hands what forums you are on. How often your on, as member who posts or a member that trolls
  9. evil86

    Refurbished 14" volks

    Sick of old women, want fresh volks? Want an amazing 14" inch table? Need a new 7.5" cupholder? Like it in Italian white? Dont tell your wife and hide the credit card... Forsale are a pair of refurbished genuine 3 piece volk wheels 14inch x 7.5inch -5 offset powder coated white centers...
  10. evil86

    working with toyota coil packs

    hey guys, i've ask this before but am stuck again as i've taken it to a performance shop and they couldn't really help me and charge me $1100 for them wasting their own time in the period of three months, but thats for another thread. I'm trying to get toyota coilpack (1zz,2nz) running with...
  11. evil86

    How often do you drive?

    I just want to a show of hand of those members who drive their car, whether it be daily, weekends or race track only. Or even those who have one but never drive it. In this day and age it seems like there not many on the road, well not as much as we'd like. So if you can post a timeline on how...
  12. evil86

    20v timing and spark plug cover

    hey guys im after 20v timing and spark plug cover just to finish off my car, please post what you got/condition and how much you want for it
  13. evil86

    off road racing

    hey guys, I attended my first gymkhana event in melb for forum battles and love it. I'm just wondering if there is any off road event like motorkhana, hill climbs ect in sydney. if so what are the requirements and cost to enter. It will be good for those who dont want to spent massive dollars...
  14. evil86

    forum battle come say hi

    was suppose to enter my ae86 but its not ready and still at the workshop so..... this is me. and this is my daily i've entered the forum battle for fun with few mates. works out to be nearly the same price as spectating because you get 2...
  15. evil86

    oil pressure and temp sensor locations

    hey guys, i dont have my car on me as its getting tuned at the moment. So i'd like know where i can wire my electric oil pressure and temps to. i've got a oil sandwhich plate and relocator but neither have holes for the temp or pressure. do i have to buy another sandwhich plate for me to able to...
  16. evil86

    Ressurecting a car after storage

    Situation : I've got a car and its been in storage for 3 years. Motor was good and fine, nothing suspected wrong. What must i do before i crank the car. all i can think of is 1. dump old fuel 2. check battery 3. do i need to do anything else with the engine. i've heard you take out the plugs...
  17. evil86

    Tuners : the good, bad and ugly

    Hey guys and gals, would like a roll call of all the tuners you have experince, good, bad, ugly, pricing, quality and pretty much everything about their work. i've found that everyones one got different opinion but for those who haven't it would be good to have feedback from other people...
  18. evil86

    NSW : 4A & 86 PARTS

    COPIED FROM DC For sale: ae86 power steering arm Item Condition: unused pair, in good working order Location: liverpool sydney Asking Price: $160 PRICE DROP $150 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For sale: 4agze smallport...
  19. evil86

    levin' it up part

    hey guys. converting back to levin for awhile and im after some parts to finish it off, so feel free to post what you have with description and details. bonnet, guards, lights, parker, grills, front bar (brackets/lights/kouki/levin), front lips. im Levin' it up... cheers phuoc.
  20. evil86

    wheel choice for drifting

    im currently running 15" wheels but also like 14" wheels. i just want to know what the prefer spec of wheel that ae drivers prefer. any opinions on running 15" fronts n 14" rears for drifting?