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  1. HR Admin

    Let's take back online car enthusiast chat from social media!

    Forums are great right? A good place to store useful info to refer back to. Social media like facebook is a black hole of garbage and advertising where good posts and content is lost forever. So why do we let it happen? Let's take back our community from these platforms!
  2. HR Admin

    Aaron's Blood Red Panda

    I love that you came back! Isn't it kinda sad everything lives and died on facebook now? Nothing is saved or stored, just wasted. I think these cars are at the stage now where putting them in storage to restore when you have the space and the chance is perfectly acceptable!
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    2017 Server Change

    Sorry about the downtime peoples! We've moved to a new faster host. Blog is still down for now but we're working on getting it back online very soon.
  4. HR Admin

    Stewart's AE86 GT Apex Levin Coupe

    Twinsies! :D
  5. HR Admin

    1987 Toyota Trueno GT-Apex - Black Limited

    Hells yeah man!
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    HR T Shirts - Black White and Grey

    Remaining Sizes are as listed below White: 2x Small 4x Large 1x XL 4x 2XL available Black: 2x Small 5x Large 1x 2XL Grey: 2x Small, 1x Large, 3x 2XL
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    (VIC) Wrecking 20v 4age black top AE111

    Anything wrong with the car? Is it still in one piece?
  8. HR Admin

    1987 Toyota Trueno GT-Apex - Black Limited

    LEGENDARY! Where's the rest of the pics?
  9. HR Admin

    Pair 15 x 8.5 -21 SSR MK-1 with tyres

    Oooh, what's the replacement?
  10. HR Admin

    Curtis' 87 Resto Modded BEAMS

    This thing is gonna be SOOOOOO nice.
  11. HR Admin Customer Cars

  12. HR Admin

    I want it daily!

    Looks so bad ass man!
  13. HR Admin

    Stewart's AE86 GT Apex Levin Coupe

    Welcome back!! Very nice Stew!
  14. HR Admin

    Just JDM Imports Track Car Build

    Looks like a great base Craig!
  15. HR Admin

    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    Will be interesting to see Adam!
  16. HR Admin

    Tims bought not built AE90 FWD

    Very cool!
  17. HR Admin

    Zaklee Corp Mission Statement & Contact Details

    Zaklee Corporation is operated by Rob Steinway Address: 3279 Sunshine Canyon, Boulder, CO 80302 USA Mobile (USA): 720-331-2002 Website: Mission Statement To bring you closer to "your machine" by providing the highest quality clear cam gear covers for your engine. Now that...
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    Some Forum Errors

    Hi All There has been some strange database errors in the past few days. We have attempted some fixes but please let me know (via facebook or skype etc) if you receive any more issues.