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    Let's take back online car enthusiast chat from social media!

    Forums are great right? A good place to store useful info to refer back to. Social media like facebook is a black hole of garbage and advertising where good posts and content is lost forever. So why do we let it happen? Let's take back our community from these platforms!
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    2017 Server Change

    Sorry about the downtime peoples! We've moved to a new faster host. Blog is still down for now but we're working on getting it back online very soon.
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    Zaklee Corp Mission Statement & Contact Details

    Zaklee Corporation is operated by Rob Steinway Address: 3279 Sunshine Canyon, Boulder, CO 80302 USA Mobile (USA): 720-331-2002 Website: Mission Statement To bring you closer to "your machine" by providing the highest quality clear cam gear covers for your engine. Now that...
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    Some Forum Errors

    Hi All There has been some strange database errors in the past few days. We have attempted some fixes but please let me know (via facebook or skype etc) if you receive any more issues.
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    HR T Shirts - Black White and Grey

    Last chance to grab these! Only a very few shirts left! Printed on AS Colour T Shirts (Same high quality as the hoodies) • 150 GSM 100% Cotton • Shoulder to shoulder tape • Fabric pre-shrunk to minimise shrinkage Remaining Sizes are as listed below $40 each or $100 for three Free...
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    Brand New Suspension Parts for AE86

    Cusco Pillow Ball Camber Tops NEW IN BOX (Pair) 16 410FIA To suit AE86 Std Caster Type (Cusco Blue) $200 Eibach Coilover Springs (Pair) 8kg/mm (Eibach Red) Dimensions: 2.5"x 8" $200 PM me or call 0410 562 457 Parts are now in Sydney Will also be selling my current front 8kg REVOLVER...
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    Enthusiast's Warehouse Mission Statement & Contact Details

    The team here at Enthusiast's Warehouse have been professionally involved in the automotive industry since 1996 and it is our mission to find and supply the highest quality parts to you, the car enthusiast for the best possible price, as quickly as possible. Whatis an 'enthusiast' ? An...
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    JDM Wheels Australia Mission Statement & Contact Details

    Hi Everyone, Just a little Introduction to JDM Wheels! Based in Sydney - Specializing in all types of New & Used Japanese Wheels, Parts and and other Accessories. We also sell the entire TRD 86 parts range. Will post more information soon, Dan For any queries, either as an...
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    HR Annual 2013 Discussion

    Okay so 2013 is going to be a Trackday in a big way. Split day with grip and drift. So far my investigations are telling me: NSW Eastern Creek (99% Out) Wakefield Raleigh Raceway Marulan (Out) QLD Queensland Raceway Lakeside (maybe) Morgan Park Airlie Beach Track (Unknown Name... Ben?) VIC...
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    Looking for that special AE86? Read this first!

    From my own experience, the car of your dreams won't fall into your lap from just posting an "AE86 Wanted" Ad! These special little Toyotas are now quite a sought after commodity and require a little work to find just the right one for you! Once you have looked through the cars for sale on...
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    Group Buy Rules. Please read these before adding a listing.

    Before you start, please PM me so I can check that the group buy runs within our rules and won't harm our local traders and community sponsors. It's important to protect our fantastic forum sponsors because without them HR wouldn't exist! The Rules 1. Full disclosure of organising party's...
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    Funny Shit!

    Post your favourite 'bits' of funny shit!
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    Toyota 86 ZN6 Official Mods Thread

    Post up the latest products you find for the new Toyota 86.
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    HR 'Stealth' & 'Bright' Logotype Hoodies - A Few Left!

    So it's now FREEZING cold and time for some hoodies I'd say! So after speaking with the official 'HR cold weather testing facility' (That's Delazy & our Tasmanian crew btw) We have brainstormed these two designs! It's a jet black screenprint of the new HR circle logo and URL on a dark grey...
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    DO NOT trade unless you have organised REAL-WORLD contacts!

    I'm amazed by the number of people who only have PM's as a way of contacting someone, send them their money, then when the person is unresponsive they contact site admins and ask what to do. Your failure to protect yourself online is NOT THE ADMINS PROBLEM. We don't have the resources to...
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    Ordered a new 86? Let us know the color/model/planned mods!

    After driving all kinds of models and transmissions I am interested to see what you lucky buyers are choosing. Before seeing them in the flesh I was dead-set on white, but the red and blue are seriously nice in person! Unfortunately with my rather expensive restoration/upgrade on the AE86, I...
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    Toyota 86 ZN6 Official Image Thread!

    Post your best images here! Official Australian Release Images are here:
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    HR Annual 2012 [JINDABYNE : Dec 8-9] Epic Touge Adventure!

    Starting early Saturday morning at Liverpool Krispy Kreme, we will head down through the Royal National Park, through Stanwell, along Sea Cliff Bridge heading for Macquarie pass, Mt Jamberoo and Kangaroo Valley towards Jindabyne for two full days of Toyota enthusiast fun! - Be prepared for some...
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Since my other great love is music (after AE86s of course..) I thought this is a good a place as any to share what we're all listening to. Right now it's this for me: got the ltd box set coming to me in the next week...
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    TODA Racing High Compression Forged Pistons suit 4A-GE 16V (Big Discount)

    I bought this set of pistons for my smallport (AE92-era) 4A-GE, but have instead opted for a BEAMS 3S-GE. Leaving me with a lot of parts for the 4A build - the last of which is this very fine set of high compression forged pistons. Item For Sale: TODA Racing (manufactured in Japan) Toyota...