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    AE86 interior and other things

    For sale: Mount Gravatt, Queensland AE86 red and brown door cards, good condition, one has been patched (see pictures) $200 AE86 red and brown plastic interior parts, good condition, no cracks, all clips $150 AE86 red and brown dash couple of cracks $100 $400 the lot AE71 slant head...
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    AE86 floor mats ?

    Okay, So I have been looking for some floor mats for my Levin and everything has turned out really unsuccessful, I have seen the cheqered type and really like them, would love some in black and white to. Go with colour scheme of my car. Any help on where to get them ? Thanks
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    TRD .5 mm Head gaskets (16 valve)

    Part: TRD .5 mm Head gaskets Description: 3 x Brand Spankin New Location: Mount Gravatt, Queensland Price and Postage: $100 ea and will post at buyers expense Thanks for looking
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    WTB: KE70 front guards

    Item: KE70/AE71 front guards Description: KE70: whole flat front conversion, Guards, Beaver panel, Bonnet, not bothered if there is no lights or grill AE71: Happy just to have both front guards Location: Brisbane preferred but happy to pay postage Contact: 0422 039 621 Thanks, Ben
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    SSR Mesh 14x7-0 Brissie

    For sale: Full set of 4 SSR meshies Description: SSR Mesh, 14 x 7 -0, in good condition, 4 tyres in ok condition, 2 have center caps Location: Brisbane, Redlands Price: $1000 with 4 tyres Oldish pic Pm here
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    WTB: Rear hatch 86

    as above, wanted to buy an ae86 rear hatch. not bothered with colour, would like it to be in decent condition, with glass preferablly. Loaction: Brisbane, will travel to northern NSW, sunny coast, and gold coast Contact: 0422 039 621 thanks, Ben
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    QLD AE86/xE7x Parts clean out

    Hey all, so the time has come for me to clear out all unwanted stuff. I have an AE86 rolling shell with 4AGE bigport, loom, ECU, T50, Tail shaft and S series diff, has most of the interior (Dash, cluster, seats, racing seat lol), vented fiberglass bonnet, front ADM bar, lights, side 1/4...
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    My first 86

    Hey all, Fairly new to this forum and thought id throw up my build. Been through a few KE70's and AE71's so i thought it was time to buy an 86, i rally CBF typing so it will be filled with pics. Here tis..... Bound for home Ready to be stripped Some stripping...
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    WTB: Carb manifold for 4AGE to Solex

    Item: Carb manifold for 4AGE Description: 4AGE to Solex/Makuni carb manifold, not to bothered on brand, also an adapter plate if anyone has it Location: Not to bothered about location, will pay for postage Price: What ya got? Contact: Call, text on 0422 039 621
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    WTB AE86 body parts

    Item: 2 x Doors 1 x Hatch 1 x Front bumper 1 x Rear bumper Description: Not bothered by colour on all items Doors: ok condition, need glass, couldn't care less about colour Hatch: Again, ok condition please, needs glass, can be fiberglass or other material and can have...
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    WTB: AE86 Doors (Driver n passenger)

    Item: AE86 Doors Description: 2 AE86 doors, Driver and passenger, not bothered on colour just would like them in as good as condition as possibe. Condition: As good as possible, no rotting shells etc Location: wherever!!! i will happily pay postage Contact: 0422 039 621 if you...
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    QLD KE70, 4AGE, ITB's, Cams, Adaptronic

    Car: 1983 Toyota corolla KE70 Purchased the car with the intent of daily driving and well the shit hit the fan, turns out the engine was on its way out and finally did. i got some love with the help of field garage, new engine, box diff and tail shaft, here is what its all about. Car has been...