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    Jap ae86 EFI Fuel Tank - SA

    Hi, I have a Jap ae86 EFI fuel tank to sell. Perfect for 4age swaps etc into ae86 and ke70. Allows you to get the fuel system out from the inside of your cabin. Somewhat hard to come across these days. The tank is in Adelaide, though I will post at the buyers expense. $400...
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    Skizzamods ae86

    Hey, don't really get that into members ride threads but thought I might post mine up here. It's nothing special, still looks pretty average. The car is built for hills. Specs Car: 1984 Toyota Sprinter Front End: ae86 struts converted to coilovers. 5kg springs and helper springs Bilstein...
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    All Japan Day Photos

    Was a good day.. here is some of what i got. for the rest see here someone want to do a write up for DriftKulture I will supply photos
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    Lowdown gx71

    Although not lowdown now... it will be Even though there is not a lot happening with this right now I thought I may as well post up some pictures for the time being. Not much happening due to no compression in the 4th cyl :( new 1ggte soon.. want to put a 20v in my ke70 It's...