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    Complete 4AGE Engine Inc loom ecu etc.

    For sale is an complete 4AGE engine from an AE82, 200,000KMS old. $500 Was running great before pulling it out. Includes: Starter motor (new in 2015) Alternator (new in 2013) ECU Complete 4AGE loom Items located in Mernda VIC 3754 Message 0421031166 if interested Photos in the...
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    Brand New AE86 - 48 Original KM's

    Early '86 maybe? (Transition from zenki to kouki) 1983-85 - Zenki 1986-87 - Kouki
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    Brand New AE86 - 48 Original KM's 1986 Levin Coupe, untouched with 48KM's on the odo (Original Bluetop Engine, only have been turned on once) Snippet Probably a repost, but have to say, wow. I wouldn't have the patience like...
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    Removing crankshaft bolt on a FWD 4AC (AE82)

    Possible to get a new one from toyota, but toyota charges ridiculous $$$$$ for the parts you want to get. Maybe if anyone has a spare 4AC lying around and can sell the bottom cover to me ^_^ I'm sure RWD and FWD ones are both the same.
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    Removing crankshaft bolt on a FWD 4AC (AE82)

    Fair enough, thanks mucho for the advice! One other problem, at the wreckers you can't exactly use the starter method as most if not all things would've been disconnected. The item I was after is a replacement bottom timing belt cover as the current one is cracked / snapped
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    Removing crankshaft bolt on a FWD 4AC (AE82)

    Secondly, You can't exactly bring a rattle gun to the wreckers, as I need to replace the bottom timing belt cover too which is behind the cranshaft pulley, so that may pose as another obstacle.
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    Removing crankshaft bolt on a FWD 4AC (AE82)

    Don't have a rattle gun handy :/ Just a few wrenches and a cheater bar.
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    Removing crankshaft bolt on a FWD 4AC (AE82)

    Now having problems taking the bastard of a crankshaft pulley bolt off, having troubles finding a method to hold the pulley so it does not move while removing the bolt. Tried the starter jog method as a last resort, but no dice, the bolt is on very tight...
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    Hey guys, Car is a 1988 AE82 Corolla worth a try asking here as Ae86's share the 4A-C Engine, I'm a bit stumped as to what to do: Car regulary goes to 75% – 90% on the temp gauge after driving on the freeway then driving really slow or in stop / start traffic in an extended period...
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    Question about years of introduction.

    At first I thought AE82's were released about 1985 to May 1989, but that was for Aussie models. Were FWD released at the same time as the AE86 (1983)? As I noticed that US versions has a few 1984 models. - Zoneout
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    1983 Levin, mint condition.

    Oh ok, interesting to know anyway :) Hmm I didn't see any rust in the video, it looked virtually new from my untrained eyes, but hey, you know better. Was there other 86's at that particular museum?
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    1983 Levin, mint condition. Seems to be an motor show, I wonder if it was an original stock or restored. hmm..