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    Vic: Assorted AE86 Interior bits

    I will you pay you good money for one of the nuts that holds the light/wiper switch into the dash. Also don't suppose you have an engine bay fuse box?
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    AE86 Leviin Hatchback Wrecking SYDNEY

    Don't suppose you have a fusebox (intact with lid) left over. Shipped to WA?
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    Heated Windscreens for your AE86 - Group Buy EOI

    Hmmm just discovered this... Very interesting indeed. Couple of questions, 1. Is this still happening or did I miss the boat 2. Does anyone know if this is an acceptable replacement for a conventional heater type defogger? In terms of rego for a street going car
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    WA fuse box & grille

    hey guys, chasing a fuse box for ae86 (mounting tabs must be intact) and a standard old adm grille, not too broken preferably. will pay for postage if needs be. pm me if you have anything
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    looking for

    Unifilter do them and so do Redline. From memory the Redline ones are about $40 a pair i think... you can get them from your Autopro, Repco type places (theyll probably have to order them)
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    New Members - Introduce Yourself!

    HELLO ALL! gday guys my name is miles and im new to the world of sprinter-awesomeness. bought my first hachi recently as a project. poor mans project btw... (registration/engineering is the first priority). black levin with crappy paint... and heres the interesting part... 3T-GTE powered...
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    cant get a permit for it cos the engineer has already seen it and didnt like it :( i was there in my ke30 later but it seemed like all the 86 boys had gone home. just bought some jdm seats off ebay so one less thing on the list
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    unfortunately she wont be running by then :( ill definately be at marques in the park though with my ke30 so i may see some of you guys down there
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    g'day guys. unknown act ae86 owner here. bought it from a local workshop after the guy who owned it refused to pay for work done :D not engineered yet as it has a 3t conversion. just a few little things to (and a few $$$) to tidy up and shell be running edit: she runs... just not legal yet