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    Swampgarage khanacross ke70

    I'm pretty happy with it. It's a DJI phantom which I bought online from Camzilla. Gimbal is an Arris CM2000. Since getting that, there are cheaper and lighter gimbals available. Like the the TRD beholder lite (not that TRD). The Arris does a great job, but its bulky and cuts into the flight...
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    Swampgarage khanacross ke70
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    HR Annual 2013 Discussion

    There are some awesome roads on the Atherton tablelands, but its several long days drive just to get here. And if a pile of sprinters with out of state plates turned up and started tearing up the roads, the locals would probably think its a terrorist attack!
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    Swampgarage khanacross ke70

    So last weekend Derek and I made the 1200 km round-trip to compete in a mixed khanacross in Proserpine. Two days of racing, one on dirt, the other on the new bitumen kart/bike/drift circuit. Was a really fun weekend. We beat all but a clubman on the bitumen but are far less experienced the dirt...
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    Swampgarage khanacross ke70

    This is pretty cool
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    Swampgarage khanacross ke70
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    Driving long distances

    I've done Cairns to Ipswich and back a couple of times in my coupe. 2 days one way, 900km per day, and the most exhausting drive I've ever done. By the time I got to north side of Brisbane I had to stop because my leg would no longer operate the clutch. Earplugs essential, and a thick woollen...
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    Swampgarage khanacross ke70

    There's a bitumen sprint day coming up this weekend and all but one of the ae86s are still down. Our poor ke70 has kindly offered to take their place. While it was great for offroad use, we couldn't take it out on the racetrack with that setup, so we've made a few changes. T18 struts and...
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    Advice on buying my first AE86

    Drive the falcon for a few more years and save up enough for a nice imported one - not a clapped out Australian model that you'll end up binning everything but the shell and spending more than the cost of an FT86 to make decent.
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    Swampgarage khanacross ke70

    Super dirt turbo engage! Went to our first event this weekend after fitting the 4age. Worn out tyres were a let down, but damn the engine goes hard. Starting to wonder if it really is stock. No problems, ran perfectly and came home with barely a scratch. We ditched the t18 rear springs and...
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    Xtonz PanO van =]

    This is looking really good.
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    Pink Floyd

    Haha, its a revolting colour, but its going to have to stay that way now!
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    Swampgarage khanacross ke70
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    Anastasios 70 + 71

    You're doing exactly what we did last week, right down to cutting up the fuel filler. I could pretty much use your photos in my thread. Oh, and your choice of wheels is fantastic! Onis are awesome.