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    Sold delete thread

    Sold delete thread.
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    Tim's Daily 86

    hey mate thanks for the advice. yeah i'm not looking for anything too special. thanks for the advice
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    Tim's Daily 86

    haha that's so good...yeah I was thinking maybe starting on the suspension too...however I am new to suspension set-ups. I am more of a grip man myself what would people recommend (remember nothing too overboard as it is just a daily)
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    Tim's Daily 86

    Haha sometimes it's 15 sometimes it's 14. Some guy at work thought I was 13 once and didn't believe me when I told him I was 18 -_-
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    Tim's Daily 86

    Well this my AE86. It is a ADM sprinter which I believe has been located in QLD, VIC and now in SA. My first car was a minter of a KE70 Panel Van (which I miss dearly) and after becoming a member of "rollaclub" I found my way onto AE86DC which I first discovered the AE86 and fell in love...
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    Monthly meet up guys?

    the coopers ale house on pulteney street!
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    ADL BBQ Revival!!! 17th January

    haha! i felt like such a dick posing on the car hey haha.
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    ADL BBQ Revival!!! 17th January

    BBQ was good, didn't really know anyone but it was nice to meet a few people! had to bail on the cruise though no petrol / money, hopefully it went well! here is some pictures. if you want the hi res non edited pictures give us your email and ill chuck em in a zip file
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    86 in sa

    got one too :D
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    ADL BBQ Revival!!! 17th January

    Will be there. :)
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    WTB KE70-AE71

    ke70's don't come out with 4-ac's...just the ae71's. unless someone has done a swap...