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    Stuart's GZE NEW PICS

    11 years between posts. Well I never had the heart to sell this, its still kicking and being driven.
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    Fuel tank sydney

    Has any one got a spare fuel tank. Adm is fine. Pm your number if you have one. Cheers Stuart
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    Konig Rewind 15X7 0 offset. just a pair.

    I'm getting the car engineered so my 8s are to wide. Send me a pm. i'm in Sydney.
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    WTB AE86 in Sydney..keen have a look at that mate. i'll be back in aus next month.
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    Stuart's GZE NEW PICS

    I was going to sell this but I changed jobs so it has made it easier to keep. I got some AJPS rear spring perches and new 160mm 4.5kg springs ordered. So I'll see how they go when i get them.
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    JDM T-50

    not always.
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    JDM T-50

    hey mate is the output fine spline or the same as ADM t50
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    Stuart's GZE NEW PICS

    1 hour and 40 minutes later include swapping over my JDM bellhousing to the ADM box and i have another T50 head on the chopping block. I'll split the old one open and see how bad things are tomoro.
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    Stuart's GZE NEW PICS

    well as luck would have it I have destroyed another T50. Thankfully I have a spare. So tomoro after work I'll fit it up. I'm starting to think maybe it's time for a W series but this T50 should do for now and I'll fix what wrong with the other one so I have a spare again. I am hoping i have just...
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    Conrads 87 GTV - BEAMS, Multipoint Cage, AP Brakes, Brides..

    Hey mate why did you cut so much of the front body work away.
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    HR Annual 2009 [HISTORY : Summary] Images Thread

    you just had to take a photo of the only mark on my car. :lol: photos look good mate
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    HR Annual 2009 [SYDNEY : Oct 24-25] Touge & BBQ

    Good meeting spot not far from where I live.
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    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    sounds good mate. It's amazing how much difference and good tune can make. I'm super keen for a track day too. quads and cam and it should be close to 100kws.
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    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    hey mate how did your tune go