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    New FT86's

    All good Leigh i went and got 1 anyways.
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    New Whip!

    Thats the plan. e85, tyres and maybe exhaust shortly Later in its life it maybe FI.
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    New Whip!

    Im not sure of the method to their madness Johl Its basically a TRD kit with differences and a red accented (i think that's the word) leather interior, that im aware its the same in every way to a GTS. Can definitely feel the dip in power in the mid range but other then that im surprised at...
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    New Whip!

    Picked up the new girl today, hopefully this is isnt as frustrating as the AE86 could be when it wanted to. 2015 Toyota 86 BlackLine Edition Manual White/black TRD kit Red leather additions to the interior Black Decal on bonnet and roof What else can i say i love it, yet to drive it thou...
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    HR T Shirts - Black White and Grey

    Still got these Garth? Id like 3 2xl 1 in each colour
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    New FT86's

    Hi Leigh You still in the sales game? I tried to PM but i dont think it worked.
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    AE86 Video

    bloody tidy car
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    Help me make a decision! Buying another hachi!

    Why not go new
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    HR Annual X 86 Festival [MELBOURNE] Postponed

    Whaaaaaaaaat! Garth baby wats doin man, where is your car. I disappear for a while expecting changes ;D
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    Toyota sprinter ae86 for sale

    Same pics as on DC aswell. So yes same car.
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    HR Annual 2013 Discussion

    :o gossip, please do tell?
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    AE86 Coupe BEAMS for sale

    Seen and heard this thing at the annual. Its proper mental :hardogay: I must ask thou what is or isn't engineered on this beast?
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    HR Annual 2013 Discussion

    257mtr straight and 6mtrs wide, doesn't sound very big :headshake: Better then a kick in the guts i guess.
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    Corona MKII MX13 / MX23 Diff with AE86/E7X Mounts!

    Passed info onto to someone. he will be intouch.
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    Conrads 87 GTV - BEAMS, Multipoint Cage, AP Brakes, Brides..

    From memory Glenn suggested a similar length for the 20v's as well. I never really looked into the logic of it all but i know my 20v likes longer trumpets better then shorter ones. If i had to say it offers a wider rpm range for torque, but that just my pants in the seat feeling.