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    Front struts

    I've got a set complete with brakes in Melbourne. Could use e-go to ship as they are cheap as. I sent gearbox from Melbourne to perth last week, 4 days and it was $32. Let me know if you're interested.
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    Headlights - Aus Spec Sprinter

    I have one side, in Melbourne. Grill clip sections are gone as can be seen in pics. $85 posted $
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    4age blacktop 20v setup

    I will be selling my entire running blacktop setup. Very good package including gearbox, exhaust and everything. One of the best, if not the best setups I've seen. I'm only selling as I've had an f20c sitting there for ages waiting to go in. Pm if interested.
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    Levin Headlights, grill, and corner lights

    I can get the lights including corner lamps new for you. I got some for myself. Not cheap but not that expensive. Pm me if you're interested.
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    Stain's "Days off work"

    Best of luck up there man, I am coming up, if Jetstar lets me, next wednesday, intending to go to Port Douglas but I dunno whats going to happen. I hope you and all you know pull through ok! Best of luck.
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    AE86, 4AGE Bits. (JDM Sideskirts, AE111 Parts, ECU)

    I take it the Power FC is to suit JDM 16 Valve yeah not 20 Valve?
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    Otaku's AE86 Build-up

    Well done Harley!
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    HR Annual 2009 [SYDNEY : Oct 24-25] Touge & BBQ

    Will organise deposit asap, sorry for the delay.
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    HR Annual 2009 [SYDNEY : Oct 24-25] Touge & BBQ

    Finally Im in, Back again.
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    HR Swap meet! - Sunday 10th May 2009

    First meet for my car I just finished, well sorta finished...! Should be good, thanks for organising it 8)
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    HR Swap meet! - Sunday 10th May 2009

    So my car is now on the road. Needs to be run in (rebuilt bt20) so I need to get it out! Brimbank park is good. Maybe a couple of weekends after Easter is done and dusted?
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    carbon parts

    Yer PM me too. :x
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    fuses.... 3 fuses

    Are you after the standard ones? Yellow and pink? You can get them ou of an AE82 with a GE, dunno about 4AC ones as the loom I have was out of a Twinky. Is this what your asking about?
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    PM above was sent for me Beau, Im in need of a blacktop Crank. Hook me up? Jez
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    brake help

    Sounds like you should upgrade the master whether that is the problem or not, it will help. Grab one out of a non ABS R32 Skyliner. Easy fit, bolts up and lines can b made to reach. But also make sure you have bled the system properly, also ensure the calipers are installed on the correct...