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    thursday night meet 9th aug to meet our taswegian friends!

    Damn missed this... Drove down Melbourne, any keen on another meet/drive this weekend?
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    I'm driving down from Melbourne... Maybe we can have a meet/drive on Sunday?
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    Cruise & BBQ - 29/07/12

    Hope to see you there Huy!
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    Cruise & BBQ - 29/07/12

    A few of us are getting the new 86 and would be awesome to hit up some twisties! I know there is more then enough AE86s out there to make this a successful cruise. Date: Sunday 29/07/12 Time: 9:30am - Leaving at 10:00am Meeting point: Lilydale Lake (Will also have another meeting point for...
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    June Meet on 86 Launch day!

    your mamma does halil... just kidding! =p Just want to see the interest first, then I'll be speaking to head Toyota, rather then the dealers. Don't want to tell them its going to be great is only a few cars rock up.........
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    June Meet on 86 Launch day!

    Just seeing if anyone is interested in a meet on 86 Launch day in June. There's no confirmed date yet (some where early June) but it will be awesome to have both old and new 86 in one place! Thinking of meeting somewhere in the city so it's central for everyone. Please post if you are interested!
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    WTB: Trueno Kouki Front bar

    After a kouki trueno front bar preferably stock but will consider aftermarket. Looking to spend about $300 to $400. I'm located in Melbourne, PM me if you have something to offer. cheers Peter
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    HR Monthly Meet Up! Ideas, suggestions and discussions

    maybe a skidpan day? harleys sprinter should be ready soon, so what better way to break it in Driver Dynamics has one on Sunday 19th April if anyone knows of a cheaper place post links up
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    HR Photoshoot Cruise - 31st January 2008

    got some pic's of you doing funny things with my torch :shock: :lol:
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    what kind of times were you getting?
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    HR Fujiwara_ToFu's Old School BBQ Meet! - 21 Dec 2008

    i'll come if you get me PS damn it...
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    Levin Front Guards (Panda)

    i'll take them pm me your mob so i can pick them up
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    so whats the go with this BBQ Harley... is it still next week?
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    HR Izakaya meet - Cancelled

    how much did the bbq menu cost?
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    Holford Motors - Donations, BBQ, Raffle and Cruise

    Holfords is having a BBQ this sunday i know ginger will be there who else is going?