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    F series diff

    Yeah I'm aware of that, mounts aren't an issue but shortening I can't do so I'm looking for Mark 2 one or previously shortened YR22 one aha And I wouldn't say the Mark 2 ones are THAT rare, they are still kicking around, just the 2 I came across where missing an axel and the other they wanted...
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    F series diff

    After a F series diff, built or stock Has to be standard S/T series length (1410 from memory?) as I have zero room for it too be wider In Tasmania but happy to pay for freight Cheers, James
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    Dress Shoes for Driving

    I wear leather vans authentics, have all the makings off a dress shoe without the raised sole.
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    To Panda or not to panda

    Panda red is always a classic if you want to pay someone to put in the hard work and get it right, otherwise white or silver /w black bars
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    To Panda or not to panda

    This, so many people don't realise it's actually the side moulds that make the panda pattern.
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    PETE'S 86 Goodness

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate GoPros? :lol:
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    AE86 Image Appreciation Thread

    Driftworks AE86 is looking the goods!
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    Turbo 86 Tassie Represented *body work complete fresh paint*

    Grabbed this before work today, car looks tops - no doubt that Tassie is always produces the goods!
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    Ae86 bolt in cage

    Basically after a bolt in cage - I'd go weld in if I didn't want to use it as a weekender aswell Pretty set on a 6 point through dash, but will look at 4/5 point half cages Not interested in 6 point round dash Has to be able to post to Tassie, this is my main issue :( Hit us up with what...
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    AE86 Image Appreciation Thread

    Probably been posted, but damn
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    AE86 rear seat bracket

    I have some somewhere mate, ill take a look for you. Do you need the bolts aswell as the brackets?