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    NA vs FI (low power vs bulk power) Tims theory on why slow 86s are more fun

    Hi comp, small turbo. For me thats the best of both worlds, it makes enough torque to overtake people on the freeway but is still responsive and fun enough to drive hard without being too scary and breaking stuff. I think around the 100-120rwkw is a pretty sweet spot for an ae86 chassis...
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    OEM GTS 17" Wheels 5 x 100 PCD

    do they have tires on them?
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    Engine Mounts

    yep, Id say it depends which car you are talking about here.
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    Decent Radiator?

    As Justin said, the chinese made ones can be either good or bad. In the last 5 Ive bought, Ive only had one bad one where the mounts were welded on at a weird angle. Ive found that the ASI ones seem to be the best and ship the fastest. For the price, theyre pretty good, just dont expect show...
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    my welding adventures, lessons and failures :D

    Awesome thread! Cant wait to see the next adventures :) I got some 10mm plate cut up today for my new welding bench, so I can finally have a decent play at home.
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    Dropping cams into 4age 16V

    Alot of people seem to run kelford cams, they sound pretty reasonable for the money. Really, if you can get a cam in the spec you want, the brand wont really make much of a difference. As long as its not some chinese regrind made from crappy materials. FYI im running big cams with a...
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    painting the engine bay

    Those squirts cans are the bomb. For an engine bay which wont be touched or seen often Id be happy with that, but it depends what tickles your fancy... Also, did they even clear coat any ae86s? I doubt they would have put any clear on the solid colours, were there any factory metallic options?
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    extractor material stainless or mild?

    yeah I prefer mild steel for extractors. easier to repair or modify and cheaper to buy bits for. Plus you can get cheaps decent merge collectors now which saves half the work...
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    From AE86DC - Drift Fest 01, Raleigh int Raceway

    Yep going to be an epic weekend. It looks like there will be mostly corollas and ae86s out there, which will be good. It looks like a decent enough track to have fun on, even if youre not a huge fan of drifting.
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    adans new sensible car

    I decided to take some better pictures finally. Also been driving this a little bit in preparation for raleigh. I really need to clock up some km in the next few weeks though. I also finally fitted another muffler which should bring it down to some sort of decent limit. The the silencer in I...
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    HR Annual 2012 [JINDABYNE : Dec 8-9] Epic Touge Adventure!

    Sounds like a decent plan. But sounds a bit too full on for me, I might come meetup and do the natio run on the saturday though...
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    Trent's phat-86 diary.

    oh wow, that must have been a BIG hammer!
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    adans new sensible car

    You coming up to raleigh pete? Im starting to get the car ready for its first track day in like 2 years! I hope I still know how to drive...
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    adans new sensible car

    yeah its still sitting in the garage, you can come this weekend if you like.
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    adans new sensible car

    Rego has been sorted, so I get to drive the car again on the weekend finally! Ill get some decent outside pics too. just need to pay for the greenslip and do another wheel alignment on friday..