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    Ae86 Levin yellow foglights

    Now have a set of brackets. $300 for fogs $100 fro brackets
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    Ae86 Levin yellow foglights

    Hey people have forsale a pair of ae86 levin foglights... No brackets 0449757098
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    Front bumper lips

    Probably not never seen it done levin bars are alot wider than trueno
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    Front bumper lips

    levin zenki and kouki Zenki still available new. Both lips will fit levin bars with minor modifications. No such thing as a kouki trueno lip only zenki. Which fits kouki bars with minor mods. both zenki lips are avail new kouki is discontinued
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    first ae86

    Nice clean car.. Id be interested in the zenki bar and lip if you want to sell it...
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    WTB Custom Garage Speed 1166 N3 KIT

    You want the wide body? Its just a modified trd n2 kit. Replicas a readily available.
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    Freedom ecu

    try and get in contact with Golberg on "the other forum" he has done a bit of work with them here is link
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    Tims bought not built AE90 FWD

    Is it even running for you to use those round things
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    JDM headlights/tailights/foglights/grills

    Foglight grill sold Kouki headlights sold Kouki corner lights sold
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    JDM headlights/tailights/foglights/grills

    Hello and welcome! I have a shitload of AE86 parts for sale. Location: Adelaide (North) Parts and prices are as follows; Levin Kouki headlights inc fog brackets and eyelids. Condition: Good Price: $450 ADM headlights Condition: Good Price: $300 Levin Kouki headlight "eyelids" Condition...
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    AE86 floor mats ?

    Just google ae86 floor mats into in chrome and it should translate all the japanese websites find the ones you like send the link to ep importers or jesse streeter and the can give you a price shipped... some range from $100-350
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    AE86 floor mats ?

    Best bet is to get them from japan. Look up ep importers on fb he'll be able to get some for you.
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    genkin's AE86 Vacationer

    Its sold. Its going back on the road
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    TRD Bible

    Hi all have 2x TRD Bibles for sale. Both as new condition. One has a small crease top left...see pics $250ea. posted.