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    The Daily Spam Thread - Talkin' sh*t since 2010

    As much as you all obviously hate DC it does have some of the best 'classifieds' around, which is the shit bit when the site is down because I have a lot of stuff I need, it's not good for anyone if it's down.
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    Old school RC cars...tamiya ect

    I know I have an old Tamiya Super Hornet somewhere, pretty sure I got it in the 90's, you can have it if you want, fairly poor condition.
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    The Daily Spam Thread - Talkin' sh*t since 2010

    Hachi's are probably THE worst car on earth to pull chicks with, it shows that your serious about cars which is a turn off and that you've bought a shitty, small, 80's car and no one knows what the hell it is which is a turn off.
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    Same Old Story

    Yeah btw that first shot is great, really like it. Good photog!
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    Project Fruit Rolla: AE86 SR5 to GTS swap

    TRD cams are worth more than that alone, 170 bucks for the lot! Awesome find!
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    Ken Block Rally Superstar

    Block's name is only attached to rallying because he's the only one that markets himself in such a way as to be recognized by the "general" public rather than die hard rally fans who miss the old days.
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    Ken Block Rally Superstar

    How come so many people have this huge chip off their shoulder regarding Ken Block? Maybe he can't hold it to the best of the rally nuts but he's far from a crap driver and he does some super sick promotional shit which is all awesome. Seems like just a lucky dude that likes to have fun in...
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    Same Old Story

    Bonnet do not want. Other than that, tidy, nice, needs a bigger cannon to get the best out of the mighty 4k though. powwwaaarr
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    We Built This Car On Debts And Booze

    GHETTOGARAGE? I like your blog, nice car also!
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    Varis carbon headlight covers

    If all they do is stick over the top that's the stupidest mod ever, what's the point in paying for CF if all it's going to do is ADD weight (although tiny).
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    If it's sustainable and somewhat ethical and not cruel then I don't think there's a problem with it but the way I see it is at the moment the majority of situations are none of those.
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    Real mans mountain/touge cruise (Start April)

    What's your excuse Otaku? Haha. Yep two cars, I couldn't make it down to Bayswater in time so I sat in a visible spot in Healesville, there was two 86's at Bayswater but one of the guys pulled out because no one else showed up. So it ended up being Chris and I and we had a wicked drive...
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    Real mans mountain/touge cruise (Start April)

    Where was everyone?! Big let down from the Vic crew! Two hachi's still had a sick cruise, with some nice twisty action!
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    black limited seat value?

    Get yours embroidered? That's the only difference isn't it?
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    Pro_k Motorsport - April special - $660 (Updated 12/4/10)

    I'd hazard a guess that you could score a really nice one even a couple of grand cheaper than that from Pramodh.