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    Want to buy: levin Front lip

    I have one,the text me 0458102721
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    Wtb ae86 4age engine mounts,, standard.

    i got some and can post 0458102721,text me
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    Decent Radiator?

    I have a hyundia Alu rad with twin thermos for 130 If keen?
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    Trueno Parts. Whatcha got?

    I got zenki trueno front bumper and mounts 0458102721
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    Daily driver, Australian-delivered hatch ideal for project

    I hope your being sarcastic?!lol 5k seams a bit much mate!
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    [FS] 85 TRUENO Coupe gt apex

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    needed t–series diff

    I've got one, text me 0458102721
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    [FS] 85 TRUENO Coupe gt apex

    Bump,someone must want a badass coupe
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    Toyotafest 2012 - Sunday 30 September

    i didnt take many photos on the day,heres a few i did
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    [FS] 85 TRUENO Coupe gt apex

    yeah man,those videos are on the way home from the show
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    [FS] 85 TRUENO Coupe gt apex

    ive seen sence,fuck the nissaids! video of the itb's opened up
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    Container heading to AUS with space available

    You got room for a car in there?:)
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    [SWAP} My Sportmax XXR 002s for your....? (Sydney)

    13' stockies with 20 cash my way?:)
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    [FS] 85 TRUENO Coupe gt apex

    @pat, yeah seems like a bad time to sell alright, been offered a few swops of cars I don't want, no one with a big bag of cash for me! Been considering swopping with a guy with a s15 and some cash my way but that will be a last resort!Lol