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    Help me make a decision! Buying another hachi!

    After an S14, an NA6 and an NB8A, I'm sick of all the bullshit - I want another hachi :) My criteria is as follows: Must be clean. Absolutely must be clean. Not perfect, but not a rust bucket. Owner must be open to a reasonable price. AE86's - as much as I love them - are not worth...
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    WHATS UP HR?????

    Welcome to the site! I think you'll find most people here are Aussies, so meet-ups might be a bit of a drive for you but definitely keep coming back to chat about 86's! Any pics of your ride mate? Edit; I now realize how old his reply was. My bad >.>
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    Dress Shoes for Driving

    I used to always drive my hachi in Windsor smiths Probably not what you're comfortable with but I used to wear them for hours of bar work often followed by a run to Springwood/nasho/bobbin head. The Jakes are a really good shoe with a really good name (Jake - Jacob). Nice and dressy for...
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    All my ae86 questions in one

    - Yeah, I thought it maintained it but according to my tuner it's not wired to one of the aux ports. I might have to go recheck before I keep making accusations. - Thanks for the feedback about the suspension and brakes. Given me something a little more definitive to look at. I want the T3 gear...
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    All my ae86 questions in one

    Okay so I'm back on the 'sell the 86' train of thought but I'm still dying to build my perfect Hachi. As far as I'm aware, nothing beats them as a good fun daily. Eh that IMO I've got my heart set on turboing my 20v silvertop and putting some more focus on my suspension and brakes. The...
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    4AGE Extractors - universal 16V/20V design

    Vouch for the clutch hose kit; It's pretty long, but gives you heaps of room to get creative with running your lines neatly :)
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    Your ultimate street 86 discussion

    A $5 hooker in KC is better than state rail.
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    Shockworks Toyota AE86 Coilover Suspension Kits

    Hey mate Got a definite price for a bolt-in kit? I haven't got the tools to do anything more than bolting in lol
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    Fuel cap question

    My current problem is this; My other problem is that fuel surged from the tank, up the funnel thingo and out the filler cap. And my curiosity is seeing what other 86 owners fuel caps look like, because this seriously looks like something off a lawn mower :\
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    AE86 Unfinished Project - Heaps of new parts!! $4k ono

    On the photo-uploading thing; imgur > all imo. Much easier to use edit:
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    Fuel cap question

    Odd request but could someone please upload a picture of their fuel cap? Just curious what people have because the rubber on mine is damaged atm
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    I want it daily!

    Can't agree with this more. Welcome to HR :)
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    Noone ever see's me T_T I have to drive more...
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    NA vs FI (low power vs bulk power) Tims theory on why slow 86s are more fun

    I'm hoping to get on the skidpan at some point and use the extra room to get the feel of my car before I actually get into it. The 86 has already taught me so much about driving... to the point where I drive with my mates who I would have ranked higher than me in ability and end up kicking them...
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    NA vs FI (low power vs bulk power) Tims theory on why slow 86s are more fun

    Nothing beats a good lightsaber battle to pump you up in the morning or during the day, but reasonable and open debate is such better quality :) *goes and grabs a red wine I think we're all in agreeance with "power != AE86" but what if we're not seeking 300rwkw. What if the goal is about 180...