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    HR stickers

    not sure if bot but seems like he's just doing a google search and putting a biz up that can do it. please confirm if correct brofft.
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    Toyota 86 ZN6 Official Mods Thread

    I prefer this turbo kit from Castle Hill Exhaust, neater and also ready for E85.
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    Cruise & BBQ - 29/07/12

    Sorry guys, no can escape work Sunday :(
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    Report New Forums Errors and Bugs Here

    lol. we used to do that at uni as well, or target some random in your tutorial. and just send them junk. Then they removed it :( one time we did it to a mate as the tutor was walking around to check their code. PANICFACE!
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    Report New Forums Errors and Bugs Here

    fixed it for you. I ran a script a while back that should have fixed it for all but i guess scripts aren't flawless.
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    HR 'Stealth' & 'Bright' Logotype Hoodies - A Few Left!

    Two lists, Stealth and Bright. Delete your name off the Bright list if you wish to cancel or add xx next to your name if you would like to wait. If you want to get another stealth instead put your name at the end of the stealth list. Garth I'm still keen on the bright one even if we have to...
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    Cruise & BBQ - 29/07/12

    interested, will try to see if i can get out of work :)
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    HR 'Stealth' & 'Bright' Logotype Hoodies - A Few Left!

    1. Garth - Stealth - Medium 2. Garth - Bright - Medium 3. Ant - Stealth - XL 4. Delazy - Stealth - Large 5. Jinxd - Stealth - Medium 6. Johl - Stealth - Medium 7. Genkin - Stealth - Medium 8. GTV_86 - Stealth - Large 9. GTV_86 - Bright - Large 10. evil86 - Steath - Medium 11. evil86 - Bright -...
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    Garth's Trueno GTV... Now BEAMS Powered!

    just FD3S brakes? i think you should go bigger :D
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    Pro_k Motorsport - April special - $660 (Updated 12/4/10)

    Pro_k isn't on the forum much but he definitely checks his emails! I'm actually getting a Caldina through him at the moment, just waiting for Easter to be over with so it can arrive :D
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    Victoria 86 Owners!!!!

    the thing is GOR sucks these days cos every fucken tourist wants to drive along there at 40 fucken km/h to just take in the view. the only good times to go are during the week when most people are at work.
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    Otaku's AE86 Build-up

    so how'd it go?
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    Ressurecting a car after storage

    dump oil and filter, replace with something simple. take out sparks plugs and check if they're still ok, pour a bit of new oil down each cylinder (teaspoon) and let it sit for a bit. Refit plugs and leads remove EFI Fuse hand crank the the engine let it sit for 10 mins crank engine until oil...
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    Report New Forums Errors and Bugs Here

    Delazy, click this button on the right of the editing toolbar. The new forum software has an in built ability to show your formatting in realtime which is good and bad. Click the button to switch between modes :)
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    Welcome to the new HR Discussion Forums!

    press home button on keyboard lol. Will see what we can do for you mate :)