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    PETE'S 86 Goodness

    red? wtf lol
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    Evan's Levin Heaven *NEW PICS NSFW!!

    1986 Toyota ae86 coupe Gt apex Ae92 100kw small port 4age Bought new and replaced front grill and fog lights. New genuine front bar and bumper brackets Carbon radiator mounts Beat rush radiator shroud TRD radiator cap Light weight water pulley Manually operating engine fan Carbon...
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    HR Annual 2013 Discussion

    Got to be trusted by the owner i guess. And only about 50 people allowed. so wont work.
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    HR Annual 2013 Discussion

    We would need Rick bates there because people cant go out without instructors. So the day would probably be $10,000.
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    Cleaning silver watanabes

    I can't get the stains out of the spokes of my silver watanabes. The spokes is like a pitted finish. I guess I'll have to paint them. What can I use. Brake dust stains I guess it is. Very hard to clean. Are they just meant to be bought and painted?
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    HR Annual 2013 Discussion

    hmm we could hire the farm actually
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    Steve's Levin

    Hows the FC brakes going man?
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    Evan's Levin Heaven *NEW PICS NSFW!!

    Updates would be.. New carpet. Dont remove it guys, carpet rules. hahah Purchased basically new 15x8.5 -6 silver watanbes all round. Fitted them with toyo r888 in 205/50. They seem grippy but side walls are shit. Needs new panhard bush. I need to rid myself of pillowball trailing arms. Too...
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    Nat's ADM Custard Hillclimber

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    HR Annual 2013 Discussion

    why wednesday? Im sure australias first 86 best motoring style race would attract people
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    HR Annual 2013 Discussion

    track day wakefeild with a race. do it
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    Otaku's AE86 Daily

    ae86 type r love it haha thanks man