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    Pro_k Motorsport - April special - $660 (Updated 12/4/10)

    Hey Pro_k, I've sent you a email... I hope you can find me a Trueno like Speed_humper's :)
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    Pro K found me an amazing car

    wow nice trueno! i want one! :)
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    New Members - Introduce Yourself!

    Thanks Xero! nope, my chatting days are behind me :p I just loiter forums now!
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    New Members - Introduce Yourself!

    Hey all new member here... been a Ae86 fan for decade now! use to be an active member of toymods but not sure what happen to them.. now i'm here to find a new ae86!! hope i can find one or get it imported :) see you all around and wish me luck in finding a trueno!