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    86/BRZ Car Club Track Day This Sunday

    Yeh I know. Also just got told to invite you guys.
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    Traction Control :S

    If you only push it in it cuts back in above 70km/h. Like McLevin mentioned you need to hold it down for 5 seconds. Two lights should be lighten up on the cluster. Bare in mind VSC is still slightly hidden in the background but you can still do skids.
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    86/BRZ Car Club Track Day This Sunday

    Hey Everyone! I know its a bit short notice but we have spots available on Sunday! Location is Marulan Driving Training Centre. Sunday 8th September 8:30am - 4:00pm All Day event Driver's briefing at 8:45am Sharp 30 places available $170 per car $35 for passengers on the track Spectators...
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    Great pics!
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    What a day? Such a good mix of cars both old and new! Hightlight was meeting Tada San but more so how proud he was and impressed with what we have done. Here are my pics from the day! I did try and get as many cars as possible. It was great to see the old school guys coming out in force...
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    My Fuji red 86!

    Looking good man! How much did the SLs set you back?
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    Toyota 86 ZN6 Official Image Thread!

    Would be awesome if they make the trip to Bathurst 12 hr.
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    James' 86 Track Hack

    James how does the car feel with the sway bars?
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    Simon's Pearl White 86 GTS

    Nice buy! Much planned for it?
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    Moving Back To Japan

    Good luck with it Adrian! I will definitely visit one day! Whenever I get my butt over to Japan.
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    Running in the 90s, zenki love

    Bricks were shat when I saw the cops at the bottom of the hill! Plus they had the Autech Screaming at 7,500rpm and then my Cappa behind it which isn't exactly quiet. Yeh man it surprises a lot of people especially through the Natio. It only weighs 700kg. I could of pushed harder if I wanted...
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    Running in the 90s, zenki love

    Car was looking pretty Rad the other night at the Natio! Good luck with it man.
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    James' 86 Track Hack

    1:19 is a good effort man! Definitely another 3 secs or more in it too especially with the new tires. I managed a 1:16.8 in a Standard GTS
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    HachiRoku Annual 2012 Falcon Bomber

    Petrol Station full of 86s new and old......or so I thought......
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    HR Annual 2012 [JINDABYNE : Dec 8-9] Epic Touge Adventure!

    Other option is dropbox or google drive if you don't trust Aus post :)