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    toyota tandums all the way to tassie?

    I dunno man, im gettin married at the end of october and going overseas early nov... i might be back in aus but id say ill be flat broke and out of annual leave, might have to give this year a miss. I actually really wanna go! never been to tassie and the roads would be awesome... we shall see
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    Garth's Trueno GTV... Now BEAMS Powered!

    how come its in a storage shed garth? lookin great so far 8)
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    No time No skills Project

    sounds like air in the master cyl cars lookin great man :)
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    new to ae86's and want it 2 go fast and thinkin sr20det?

    I agree with Pete, shoulda just bought a silvia... you bought an 86 and now you want it to be fast? lol you bought for the wrong reasons..
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    stupid slut mole smashed into me

    make sure the car doesnt get written off or it will need to be inspected after you repair it, and then you will have dramas with your unengineered sr20 swap. you need to come to an agreement with 'stupid mole bitch who cant drive for shit's insurance company for a payout for the damages, but...
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    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    'millions of parts in stock' righto... heh cluster looks good, wanna see you put it in an 86 housing now :)
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    PETE'S 86 Goodness

    lookin good party boi!
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    HR Annual 2010 [ADELAIDE : Oct 23-24] RADelaide!

    my vote for next year is melbourne as im keen for a road trip, but dont want to have to cross oceans :P and everyone will rock up to a melbourne event... except of course those that actually live in melbourne, slack bastards :P
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    The Daily Spam Thread - Talkin' sh*t since 2010

    sell the ae71 and use the money to finish the ae86 drive the mira around for a daily but just leave it as is voila
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    Conrads 87 GTV - BEAMS, Multipoint Cage, AP Brakes, Brides..

    so indepth and such an impressive amount of work, keep it up!
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    HR Annual 2010 [ADELAIDE : Oct 23-24] RADelaide!

    dont rain on the parade!
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    Tim's Levin ze

    can anything else go wrong?!?! this is most certainly an ae86...
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    making exhausts

    you will probably just as quick get done for something else, than underdiff exhaust heh
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    HR Annual 2010 [ADELAIDE : Oct 23-24] RADelaide!

    i have a couple old stickers which ive saved especially for when i get my next car running fingers crossed i can rep those stickers for this special weekend if not.... :cry:
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    AE86 vs SS

    each to their own sure we love the ae86 for its handling etc, but there are advantages of a bigger car, comfortable, quiet and great to just cruise around in. id love an SS and an AE86, SS for driving to work and ae86 for thrashing in the hills, that would get me the best of both worlds :)