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    Anastasios 70 + 71

    I run an old model AJPS adjustable panhard rod in my car which allows me to re centre the diff once the car is lowered. His new model is lighter, has a different turnbuckle and includes a better diff side bush (something to buy later!) Dave from AJPS sells the bush upgrade separate which...
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    Pair 15 x 8.5 -21 SSR MK-1 with tyres

    think i might sell the white ke70, recently got a unit and having 3 sports cars is not the smartest idea
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    Pair 15 x 8.5 -21 SSR MK-1 with tyres

    For sale: Pair 15 x 8.5 -21 SSR MK-1 with tyres $700 Condition: Second hand with new centre caps Pictures: Contact Details: PM here, reply here, sms 0415 84one 646 Location: Sydney Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Can post if required
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    ADM Spares, TRD copy extractors, tyres, bits and/or bobs

    Do the extractors have o2 sensor bung on them?
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    AE86s at WTAC 2014

    Mike Kojima the ex TRD suspension engineer/boss of ARK GTR/guru
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    Anastasios 70 + 71
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    Anastasios 70 + 71

    so had a great day at marulan yesterday, was 0.01 faster than my friend George in his 86 which has bilstein suspension and AD08s Had oil leak dramas in the morning so I got there at 12pm but still had a blast, got 4 sessions in
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    Anastasios 70 + 71

    Spent some more time this weekend preparing for track day this sunday Tidied up my lower radiator hose by shortening the straight part going into the engine to reduce the kink in the bend. You cannot use an AE86 hose due to the AE71 radiator being narrower so a custom setup need to be used...
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    [NSW] 3 x Omori gauges Oil temp, Oil press, Water temp

    Hi all, I am selling my 3 Omori gauges which I imported from Japan last year. Perfect look for 80s and early 90s cars, seen in many AE86 and S13s Located in Earlwood will post at buyers expense Price $300
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    im keen for annual, just need heads up to ensure i dont do any upgrades
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    4AGE Swaps! Nooby info Requested!

    When you say a 1980 corolla i assume you mean ke70?
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    Anastasios 70 + 71

    haha yea i actually drive a nissan every day and for when my toyota is broken
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    Anastasios 70 + 71

    so my cousin was ordering some new trd shocks from japan so i thought i would take advantage and get my front suspension sorted. TRD AE86 Racing shock 5 way adjustable made by Tokico Comparing old KYB Excel G shock with the TRD item, same cartridge length, shorter stroke the...
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    Handbrake cables

    do you have a disc or drum rear end? i am using disc cables with camry front half and it works its not 100% but yea