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    Some Forum Errors

    pew pew
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    Toyota sprinter ae86 for sale

    I'd say it is given that it even has the same phone number in it...
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    (Sydney) 1996 NA MX-5 Limited Edition for Sale/Swaps

    As unlikely as I suspect it would be that someone here would be interested in buying an MX-5 or swapping their AE86 for one, I thought I would chuck it up here on the odd chance! It's on CarSales here: I'm essentially...
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    The Daily Spam Thread - Talkin' sh*t since 2010

    :lol: What did you get banned for?
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    Yeah I'm pretty sure that thing has been on Carsales since at least early 2011. Says a lot really...
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    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    Wow. Do you get in your car and insult them every day? :P
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    AJ's NA8 MX-5

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    AJ's NA8 MX-5

    I'm 6'2" and with the soft top on my hair brushes the roof. The hard top definitely gives more clearance. Will be either swapping or modding the seats at some point. The reasoning for the Deep Corn is because my left leg is against the wheel when using the clutch.
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    AJ's NA8 MX-5

    So a couple of you would know already, but for those who don't, I've sold my AE71 and bought an MX-5. I wanted something along the same basic ideas of AE86s and 4AGE'd E7s, of course that being RWD and lightweight with a decent weight balance, but a bit newer. Getting something with low kms was...
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    The Daily Spam Thread - Talkin' sh*t since 2010

    Wow, how much faster is the site now? Looks like you've made a good move Garth!
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    Great pics, looks like an awesome turnout!
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    [Sydney] 1984 Toyota Corolla (AE71) with Bigport 4AGE, 5Spd Manual

    SOLD! 1984 Toyota Corolla (AE71) Sedan Bigport 4AGE, 5 speed manual (T50) I bought this car just over a year ago and have done a fair bit of work on it. Car has about 240,000kms on it. Registration until November 20 2013. There are some minor issues with the car but it is still a very...
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    The Daily Spam Thread - Talkin' sh*t since 2010

    Thinking about selling my AE71. Want to get something that's a bit more comfortable as a daily. :confused:
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    The Daily Spam Thread - Talkin' sh*t since 2010