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    PETE'S 86 Goodness

    Lookin Sweet Pete!!! Sorry I couldn't get there today. Was a busy day. Looks like you have things well under control...
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    Phuoc's EL machino

    I think he means your spacers look like slip on type with extended studs, as opposed to bolt on spacers with their own studs. Correct me if I'm wrong...
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    Conrads 87 GTV - BEAMS, Multipoint Cage, AP Brakes, Brides..

    Holy shit, I almost wee myself when I see an update to this car. Looking good.. Keep em coming!
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    PETE'S 86 Goodness

    Members Ride Thread has been far too stagnant lately. I reckon you should give us an update to resurrect the Forum Pete! What's been goin on?! This thing ready to hit the black stuff again yet?
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    Go one piece Tailshaft or 2 piece??? That is the question

    I have a one piece in mine if you want a look Pete. It does start to get harmonic at about 120km/h. I reckon its out of balance, more than being a one vs two piece thing though. It doesn't bother me much, cause I don't do much freeway driving. What speeds do you get up to doing you hill...
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    PETE'S 86 Goodness

    Well Done Pete!! Thought you must have been back by now. How was the trip?
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    Ryan's Red Levin

    That is an awesome photo!
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    Off to the USA

    Have a good one Pete!
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    NBU's Levin

    Gotta luv harassing EVO's! Keep up the good work.
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    Az's Golden Nugget

    Yeah, mine are J-Blood too, and agree completely with your comment about the skirt line. I guess some guys like the look of a skirt hitched up a bit at the rear.......:lol:
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    Az's Golden Nugget

    Cheers Ped, I assume you mean the rear bumper pods/skirts. I've always liked em too. I've heard plenty don't. Party Pete had some moulds made from them, his turned out sweet. Send him a pm if your interested.
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    Az's Golden Nugget

    Cheers man! No worries dude. I'm still around. Just been pretty busy with sh@t around the house and work. But otherwise its life as usual.
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    AE86 Notchback NZ

    Lookin sweeeet!
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    Az's Golden Nugget

    Talk about peer pressure ;oP Yeah ok, probably is about time. Belated update. Had the car off the road over Chrissy for a few weeks to try fix a few niggling issues before rego, and install a couple of pretty bits. 1. Removed Radiator, stripped the timing covers off to install new cam...
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    AE86 Notchback NZ

    I stand by my previous statement. Until you've driven on R1R's you will not know any better. Sorry can't help with your idling issue.