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    Japanese AE86 magazines and DVDs

    Sorry for the late reply. I'd have to check postage, but I should be able to post them to you for $25. What is your post code?
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    Japanese AE86 magazines and DVDs

    I've got some Japanese AE86 magazines and DVDs and 2 ae86 keyrings (one new, one used). Also includes a couple of trd bushes. See pics for the details. These are not in English. The items are in Adelaide, but if you're willing to pay postage I'm happy to send them. Make me an offer :like:
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    Air compressor&tools, comp. tester, engine stand *update

    Update: make me an offer, you never know... ~~~ Need stuff gone, all in Adelaide. 1) Compressor plus tools. I can't remember the capacity or power, but was more than adequate for running the tools and painting my sprinter. Has two outputs and a moisture trap and pressure regulator...
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    200m flywheel, fwd water pump

    Stuff is in Adelaide. Need it gone- make me an offer 1. 200mm 4age flywheel plus 2 friction plates. Bolts if you want them. 2. 4agze smallport waterpump. Done about 100k. Nice and clean.
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    Some wheels and tyres *update*

    Update: willing to pretty much accept anything: just want this stuff gone. ~~~~~~~~ Looking to get rid of stuff, make me an offer. All this stuff is at my folks' house in Adelaide. 1) 2 x 14inch tyres and rims. I believe the rims are 6.5j. The tyres are near new (7mm of tread left)...
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    R32 GTR

    Putting this up on behalf of a friend. Contact details below ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1993 NISSAN SKYLINE BNR32 GTR 142K km $21k Txt Glen on 0404052246 Complied with 17" Enkei wheels and Brembo V-Spec brakes Coil overs Electronic boost controller...
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    Andy's Levin Coupe

    isn't 6 speed not allowed in improved production?
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    [ADL] ADM 4agze Sprinter now sold

    sorry mate, no rego.
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    [ADL] ADM 4agze Sprinter now sold

    Totally sick of having it not sold, so I am dropping the price down to $6,000 until the end of the month, somebody buy it!!
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    [ADL] ADM 4agze Sprinter now sold

    still for sale. New price $7k as in the top post cheers
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    [ADL] ADM 4agze Sprinter now sold

    new price...
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    Tim's Levin ze

    I just read your thread on the bottom end. Mate that's tough luck...Hopefully there isn't too much damage done. I remember reading on Bill Sherwood's site about putting a washer behind the spring in your oil pump to get extra pressure out of it when putting extra lines and an oil cooler into...
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    Tyres & rims and others

    As the other posts say, just make me an offer. I want this stuff gone.
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    Tyres & rims and others

    $350 and they're yours
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    [ADL] ADM 4agze Sprinter now sold

    Want money in my pocket and no car in the driveway. Someone make me an offer. Rego runs out in a couple of weeks if you want to drive it away.