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    SA - 4AGE Bigport, Genuine CBY flares, JDM gauge cluster

    Location: Balhannah, South Australia (Adelaide Hills, near Hahndorf)

    Hi all. I'm selling off my project AE86 so I can buy a running one in the near future so I won't be needing these parts anymore.

    Genuine set of Crystal Body Yokohama (CBY) rivet on fender flares - $300 pickup - SOLD
    These flares are awesome, fiberglass construction and well moulded. These things cost me over $500 and are brand new, never fitted. They give a nice 50mm flare at the rear and 25mm up front I believe.

    JDM guage cluster - $50 pickup - SOLD
    Brought this a while ago. Genuine JDM cluster from a sprinter powered by a 4AGE. I was assured all the dialls worked but never got around to testing it.

    Willing to ship at buyers expense.
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    Added pics of the flares and guage cluster.

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    Bigport 4AGE no longer available.

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    did u end up selling the flares?
    Chris O

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    Yeah flares are gone, sorry mate.

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